Sunday, January 30, 2005

"tomagotchi" revival

Not sure how many of you remember those Tomagachi toys that were so popular in the late 90's. But when we had J and B over to our apartment on Friday to have our Bible study (we started by talking about baptism but went off on numerous tangents), I noticed that B's keychain had an orange electronic-looking thing on it. So being the curious sort that I am, I picked it up and asked her what it was. Turns out it was one of the Tomagachi knockoffs - a "Nano Baby." When I showed the slightest bit of interest in that, she let me know that she was tired of it and practically forced me to take it off her hands. She showed me how to reset the game and gave me brief instructions. On Saturday, since there is anything and everything on the internet now, I found some more complete instructions here. I now have my little e-baby Kenna. Somehow it doesn't quite measure up to what I'm sure a real one would be.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Bible study "the home"

Tim reminded me this afternoon that he was able to check with our friend T and see when they were going to start up their Bible study series on the home, and it is going to start on Friday the 4th. I haven't participated in a study on that subject in a while so I'm looking forward to it. It is going to be about the man's role in the home, the woman's role in the home, and then branch out from there with other home-y topics. It is only going to be once a month which is a little sad for us, but maybe there will be lots of homework.

Tonight we are having a couple of friends over to have a general study. I am not sure what the topic will be yet. I am looking forward to that one too.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

making the first hole in the litter box

Well, today I made the first hole in the cats' litter pan. It is a sitz bath sitting in the toilet, with some litter in it. It's been there for about a week and the cats haven't had a problem with it, so today I cut a little hole in the back of it. Since the plastic is rather thick, I had to heat a paint scraper so I could melt the hole. I made a little triangle shaped hole. I'll leave it there until Friday and if there are no problems, then I will enlarge the hole, and pending no problems I'll enlarge it again every Tuesday and Friday until there is no more platform to stand on and the cats are toilet trained.

Monday, January 24, 2005

short intro

Thought I might go ahead and jump on the blogging bandwagon. Today seems as good a day as any. I can already guarantee that I won't be updating this daily, but it will probably be 4 times a week or so. Maybe a little more often in the summer when Tim is working later. My home business is still yet to be up and running but hopefully that will change within a month or so. I wanted to go ahead and start my blog before my business because when I get my business website going there will be a link to my blog on it. I would feel bad if there was just one or two entries there. LOL. My ultimate goal with starting my own business is to eventually be a stay at home mom. Not because I don't like working, because I do, but when and if Tim and I are blessed with children then I want to be the one that is there with them for most of the day, and Tim wants this for me too.

My current liesure time site that I spend a lot of time on is the Nest, specifically the message boards, and even more specifically the Babies on the Brain board. It is a fast moving board, usually getting about 600 new posts each day, and that doesn't even count the answers to the posts. I usually lurk quietly there, just reading the posts, since a baby is not in the near future for me, but occasionally I have an input and will post it there. Another liesure site I go to is, it is kindof like an online pictionary with chat incorporated. Tons of fun and very addicting.

Toilet training is going fairly smoothly for my two 7-month old cats. If all goes well I hope to have them completely trained by the end of February. Then I can through out the litter box and vaccuum up the spare crumbs once and for all.