Friday, October 14, 2005

moving on to step two in working at home... plus a lead on a day job

I had my call this morning and it was fairly informative. I had been talking to people and e-mailing one person in particular about this, though, and I pretty much already knew most of the things in the conference call. I went ahead and downloaded my papers and sent them priority mail today so that I might be able to start my training on Monday evening. Hopefully I can finish by next weekend so I can start taking calls. :) I can't wait.

As for the lead on a different day job, one of my current customers said that where she works is hiring... and she works in a very busy call center for a health insurance company. I tried to call HR this morning for that but only got their voice mail. I will have to try again on Monday. Working there instead of where I'm at would be great. My current job pays the bills and all but I don't like getting people in debt so I can take home a paycheck to get out of it. :(

Spoke to Mom today. Nephew "I" is now saying "scuze you" when people cough, and covering their mouth with his hand. So cute. :) Can't wait until my as-yet-unconceived children do cute things. :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

dreams coming true sooner than i thought

And by dreams I mean my work at home dreams. But before we get there, I have other info.

Tim and I have been talking for a while about getting a new computer. This one that we have currently is "messed up" (with spyware and whatnot I'm sure) to the point that downloaded programs won't open or install correctly and are unusable. In theory we could wipe the slate clean and start over but I've been so nervous about that. Plus the ISP disc that I have might install in a way that only lets me read my e-mail on the computer instead of on any internet-connected computer. So this week we are getting a new computer and also getting DSL. We've been on dial-up forever and our DSL company is running a promotion which makes it VERY affordable. I am so excited. :D

On the work at home thing... since my last entry I had come across a couple of things that could be feasable for me to do. One of them was a direct sales company but I could do it entirely online if I wanted to. It is the Greeting Cake Company, and I may still sign up for it but probably a bit later.

The other opportunity I looked into, LiveOps, sounded VERY promising. Plus there was a whole message board with people who were thinking about it or who already do it. So I spent a few days on that board asking questions and reading old posts. To go with this company, I had to be able to be connected to the internet and talk on a regular landline phone at the same time. Also, my internet connection had to be high-speed. And it had to be free of spyware (run a program once/week). My current computer is unacceptable because I can't get spyware cleaner programs to run on it once downloaded. It's kindof like cleaning the bathroom. If you do a little bit once/week then it is SO much easier than doing it once a year. But anyway back to LiveOps. So I was quite satisfied with the answers I received on the message board, etc., and decided late yesterday evening to submit an application and wait for the infamous "conference call" e-mail. (If you get one of those, you're pretty much "in" and just have to send in paperwork and $$ for them to run a background check). Some on the message boards hadn't heard in months, and others heard in only a couple of weeks. So I had planned to wait a while and just keep my hopes in the air a little bit. But when I got home TODAY there was the e-mail in my box!!! I was so excited. My call is this Friday morning. I can start working pretty soon, after my training, and should get my first check on November 16th.

Plus this is something I can do after the children come, which will help a little bit with the budget, and possibly allow us to try for a baby a little bit sooner. I'm so excited. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

dreaming of working at home

I know and you know that there are a million scams out there for work at home "opportunities". And this week I believe that I have been scammed again. I need to do more thorough Google searches before trying out any other "opportunities" that require money. (I was out less than 2 extra value meals this time though so it wasn't a huge bite out of the budget). But still. That was money that could have helped, even a teensy bit, with the washer/dryer fund, or something.

I do still desire to work at home and keep coming back to transcription. I don't have any medical transcription background, but there are other things that can be transcribed. I saw an ad for legal transcription but that job of course wants legal experience which I don't have. Typing is and always has been my forte and I want to use it somehow. A thought popped into my head that I could transcribe sermons, but I don't know how I would feel about transcribing sermons with a message that I didn't believe in. And most churches which I WOULD go to would probably not be able to pay me scripturally. So I don't know. I can draw but when I draw well it takes me a long time, and there probably isn't a very high demand for it. And I can craft. Maybe I could make plaster magnets. But they took SO long to make last time. Well, maybe THAT was because I left them sit and only worked on them every so often. If I make a bunch of them at once, like a hundred or so, then it might be a little more worthwhile.

If I could find a work at home opportunity where I could make just a little extra here and there, like $50/week, then Tim and I could pay off our debts a teensy bit sooner and could start trying for a baby just a little bit earlier. I crave motherhood. And the further that time goes on, the more I crave it. I don't want it to become an ache. Patience is a virtue but can one be too virtuous?