Sunday, August 27, 2006

so many people haven't felt a baby kick

This morning after church, TinyOne was moving a lot. One of the newly married girls there said that she wanted to feel it next time it was kicking. Since it was kicking a lot right then, I invited her to sit next to me and feel it. She said, "Ooo this is so exciting!" and that she had never felt a baby kick before.

This makes two people who I've let feel the baby kick who said they've never felt one before. I don't know if times have changed and women don't "share" their pregnant bellies as much anymore, or if maybe I was unusual growing up and just happened to have a bunch of pregnant women around who were willing and able to let me and others feel the kicks. Maybe it's because I'm a first-time mom but I think these kicks are so amazing and I want to share them with everyone! Especially those who haven't gotten to feel a baby kick before. And maybe it just could be that the typical pregnant woman WOULD share her tummy but waits for others to ask her if it's OK to touch, rather than her openly inviting others to feel. Anyway that is my random thought for today. :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

heat is unmotivating for anything except a nap

It is hot hot hot. The heat index has been well over a hundred degrees for over a month with very little relief in the form of rain or anything. And in a black car, there is definitely no escape from the heaviness of it all.

I work all day in the air conditioning and then get into my hot car to make the 5-minute drive home. But in just those 5 minutes, the heat seeps all the way into my bones. I leave work with such good intentions of going home and doing some sewing, but for the past several days I have done none of that. On a few days I had "excuses" like "oh today is laundry day" or "today I need to go grocery shopping" or "the dishes are starting to stack up, I need to wash them". And I do those other chores, but there was more than enough time for sewing also. And it's not like I picked a complicated pattern to get back into the swing of things either. I'm making a pair of maternity khaki pants... 5 construction seams, two hems, an elastic waistband and we're done. So if I started it on Sunday or Monday, then by Friday I should have definitely already been DONE with the pants and on to a nursery item. But I've only managed to sew one seam each day just about. I did get off an hour early today and have a shift later this evening to do w/ LiveOps for an hour and a half, so I am going to take advantage of this afternoon and SEW THOSE PANTS even if it kills me. And then I should even be able to start in on the nursery curtains. My self-imposed deadline is creeping up rapidly, and I won't have all of Labor Day weekend like I originally thought I would. Hubby's family (including his sister that I've never met) will be here so I will be spending time with them.

That's about all I wanted to say today so off I go to sew.

Monday, August 14, 2006

coworkers got to feel the baby

Two of my coworkers got to feel the baby today. :D I had tried to have one of them feel it the other day, but baby of course got still and quiet when I called her over. But today, he/she was moving a TON so I let her feel again today. She was feeling my strong pulse first and thought that was kicking, but I didn't feel anything so I knew it was my pulse and told her so. Then the baby gave her a VERY big kick. The other coworker was watching and saw the girl's hand move when my baby kicked her. :P So then my second coworker gave me her hand and was able to feel several good kicks too.

We did have our ultrasound this past Wednesday and did keep the gender a surprise. Our doctor has a guess though. I didn't even realize that is what she was looking at until she went away all of a sudden and said "OK I have a guess for the gender." I have seen so many gender shots online, etc that if I had been paying attention and not spacing out I probably could have had a guess too. I think come December and this baby's birth day though I will be very glad that we didn't find out early. I'm still having strong girl feelings but a few people are starting to seriously guess boy so who knows.

I have one more hem to sew tonight and then all my mending will be done, and I can get started up on the "fun" sewing... namely maternity clothes and nursery items. I want to have the entire nursery done (including the closet cleaned out and my sewing/crafts pile organized, etc) by the time my parents come in the last week of September. I plan to sew maternity garments and nursery items alternately and then when I have a few days off I'll do the "organizing" part. Unfortunatly my next day off is going to be the Saturday before Labor Day... BUT I also have Labor Day off too so hopefully it will be a very productive weekend.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

fun and games while watching the belly move

Today in the middle of chores, I took a little break to lie down and WATCH my belly move. When I feel the kicks, they feel strong enough to me that they might show up on the outside, so I thought I'd try and see them. The baby was moving a lot and I could see it! It was so cool. I called hubby to the room and he watched it too for a while. It looked like the bottom side of a trampoline when someone's jumping on it. Our ultrasound is going to be this Wednesday and I so cannot wait to get a peek inside my belly again. It's a morning appointment this time so I won't have to wait for hours and hours after I get off work. Oh but anyway about the fun part... while hubby and I were watching the belly, I got so tickled at something that he said or did. I can't even remember what it was now, I just remember the aftermath... when I was laughing so much, my belly button turned into a tiny little mound. :P It was funny. Hubby thought it was so cute but I couldn't stop laughing, and my sticking-out belly button because of the laughing was embarassing, so I kept trying to cover it up but hubby kept looking at it, which would make me laugh even more, and the cycle continued. :P

The organization project is going fine. I managed to completely go through both dressers last Saturday, and I was off today again too. I intended to do a bunch MORE organization but haven't quite gotten to it yet. I had some laundry and dishes to do. I do have two boxes from the second bedroom's closet that I can go through tonight though.

I haven't sewn anything since my last entry, but the fabric for the nursery has arrived. :D I washed that today and will probably start sewing on that next week sometime. I think I will tackle the curtains first since they just have measurements to go by instead of an exact pattern. The sheer fabric is going to be "interesting" to work with since it is very spider-webby textured, and isn't really woven or knitted but is instead loosely "matted" together sortof like felt. After I get the curtains done, the rest of it should come together piece of cake. But before I start on that, tonight I plan on doing some mending that has been sitting around for a while. Hubby has a few shirts that lost their buttons, and I have several pairs of pants that I need to hem. I hope to get all that done today, possibly sew a new garment tomorrow (but will at least get it cut out), and then do the curtains, then another maternity garment, then some more bedding, etc. I hope to have the nursery DONE by the end of September when my parents get here. It's a good goal. For the end of August, I've set the mini-goal of 4 maternity garments... and if I intersperse those with nursery bedding items, then I should be able to reach the September goal.