Monday, February 20, 2006

october vacation scheduled already

So it turns out that I get a pro-rated amount of vacation in 2006. And I have to take a whole week of it at once, and then the other days can be taken piecemeal whenever. We are still on track to paying off our car and all debt in October, so I requested a week towards the end of October so that we could take a road trip to finally close out those bank accounts. (That particular credit union required me to keep an open account while my loan was active). And the road trip is going to be about 12 hours. We will probably try to stop along the way.

Our TTC journey therefore has been put on hold this month since it's probably not a good idea to be travelling while I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Then if we get pregnant next cycle I'll only be around 34 weeks or so hopefully. We only baby danced once, and it turned out to be right on ovulation day, but it was protected. But if you look at my chart, those high temps are the highest temps I've EVER had. And I'm not sick so I can't attribute it to fever. And my sleep schedule wasn't drastically different. And I don't drink alcohol so that wouldn't have made high temps either. The last time I had temps even close to that high it was just a single event around 3 days past ovulation (DPO). Now, with these high temps coming a week after ovulation, it is almost indicative of a tri-phasic chart, which sometimes indicates pregnancy.

The only thing that worried me most about being pregnant RIGHTNOW is the road trip to close those bank accounts. Until this morning when I crunched some numbers, I was pretty sure that October would be the payoff month for that car loan. But I looked at the debt payoff plan thing again and moved some payments around, and I can pay off the car as early as June. The rest of our credit cards wouldn't be paid off until probably January, but our budget indicates that we can make those last couple months' of payments just fine on hubby's income alone.

Having said all that, though, I'm still 99.9% sure that I am NOT pregnant this cycle. OOOOO I just had a very cute thought for how to tell hubby we're expecting if it happens next cycle. But I'm keeping my lips zipped about that for now. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2006

lovin my banking job

I can't believe it's February already. Time is sure flying. I started my new bank job on Friday and love love love it. For several days I've felt "barely useful" b/c I didn't have my own computer login info, or my own cash drawer or anything. I would run the occasional transaction on someone else's number with them watching but I was new and slow-ish and just wanted to hurry up and be trained so that I could feel like I was actually working instead of just being in the way.

For those curious about "How Not To Rob A Bank" I have to tell the background story first. Yesterday in the drive through was a person who wanted to cash two checks that were written on a couple of our accounts. And we do that, but for non-customers they have to come into the lobby to do it. Well, this guy was NOT coming into the lobby and we WOULD cash those checks for him and he wasn't leaving until we would do that. Our manager came over and told the customer that he needed to come into the lobby also, so then the guy wanted to speak to our manager's boss. So our manager gave the guy the phone number and he sits in the drive through and calls him and of course gets all mad when he gets voice mail and again said that he wouldn't leave until he got those checks cashed. Well finally our manager had to tell him that he would call the police if he didn't leave. So the guy left... but veeeerrry slowly. He stopped around the corner in our parking lot for several minutes before going on his way. (He did end up calling and making a complaint saying that we treated him unprofessionally... but whatever). Anyway, getting to the how NOT to rob a bank part... the district manager came in a bit later to follow up w/ the situation, and while there he told us of this one time where a guy tried to rob a bank. Except this particular guy tried to rob the drive-thru. With a knife. The poor criminal of course did not get any money that way. :P

Today I finally got all my "stuff" so I could process my own transactions. The teller supervisor wanted me to start my own transactions yesterday but I didn't have any computer access until very late in the day (even though I did have all my keys). So it was a no go for that. And today I didn't really do any transactions either b/c of the late hour in the day when I got the money assigned to me. I basically verified that what was there was supposed to be there (with someone watching me the whole time) and then did my "final balance of the day" and signed off, then spent my last few minutes organizing it a little better. The manager asked me if I was nervous and I said no, but it is a teeny bit nerve-wracking. I just hope I remember vital bits of info when I start doing my very own transactions and don't mess something up.

Oh and one more funny thing that happened today... we had a customer in the drive thru, and if I or one of the other tellers has personally waited on them before, then we don't have to get their ID for cash back or cashing a check or something. Well this particular customer apparently had been to this branch a lot but it was back when other people were working. He got mad when we asked for his ID and said that "we need to keep the same people there all the time" b/c it's bad customer service to ask for an ID each time. As if we had ANY control over the hiring of people or people leaving or getting fired or anything. Once the customer made his point though he wasn't going to let it go until we agreed with him... he kept pressing us and asking "Don't you agree that it's bad customer service?" :P (insert rolling eyes icon here) I wonder what fun surprises will be in store for me tomorrow.

But seriously though, the best thing about this job is that I really feel like I can do it for a very long time. With the other two jobs I worked here in Missouri and even a few jobs before that, I was just counting the months and years to the time that we would be able to start trying for a baby and/or be pregnant, so that I could have a "countdown" to what my last day at work would be. But with this job, it's different. I no longer feel the need to hurry up and get pregnant so I can hurry up and have my last day. And the hours are great, the pay is decent, and it's very close to home. And, if I do get pregnant while there, then I will be able to wear my big stash of maternity clothes that I'm still trying to get motivated to sew up. :P But that may be in the near future OR the far future and it doesn't matter a whole lot right now. I am content to go one day at a time now.