Tuesday, February 13, 2007

baby girl learns some new tricks

Ahh, I just love my baby more and more each day. She is so wonderful. She's learned a few more "tricks" lately. First one is that she found her thumb and sucks it on rare occasions. But she does so with an open hand instead of a fist, and it looks so cute. I'm used to older children sucking it w/ a fist and the open hand was strange to me.

Another trick she learned is to finally start cooing regularly. She does it w/ a "gargly" sound and is so adorable. And she is also smiling several times a day now, both to me and to hubby. She is such a joy to us and we love her so much. It's almost like she changes day to day at this point. I have to remember to take more pictures before she changes.

I am still active in my work at home thing. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow I'm supposed to take 12 hours' worth of calls for Valentine's day gifts... I'm not sure if I'll make it. There were system issues yesterday and I could only get an hour in, so I need to average 5.5 hours each day. I hope I can make it, but if not I'm not going to worry terribly about it. Hubby and I are going to celebrate V-day on Thursday since Wednesday is church. We ARE taking the baby with us. It's her first Valentine's day so she should get to celebrate too. :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

never thought about "this" part of nip-ing

First off, for those who don't know, NIP-ing is "nursing in public." lol.
So since it's winter and I have a big organization list to do at home (plus I'm addicted to ovusoft and other message boards [l]), I haven't gotten out much. But there is a small local AP group and we try to get together every so often. When the weather's warm we let our kids play at a park and the moms sit and chat. But yesterday it was in the 30's so we went to the mall instead. I brought both a sling and a mei tai since the MT is easier to carry her in, but the sling is easier if she needs to nurse.

So for the first part of the outing she slept. Then a bit later she woke up and I changed her to the sling and got her all situated and we walked and nursed. One of the other laides said "that is so awesome, you can't see ANYthing, it just looks like she's sleeping." This lady has two nurslings and said that she hasn't been able to be that discreet yet.

But the funny part of the story came at the end, when DD was done eating and I was getting put back together. I was trying (in vain) to slip my breast pad back into my bra and since DD was still right there in the sling, I didn't really have enough room. It ended up technically being in the bra, but being waaaay off-center. I didn't worry about it and would fix it later. But one of my other friends saw me struggling to get it in there, and teased me and said "Ma'am what are you concealing there?" pretending to be like a store security or something. :P So I teased back and said "Would you like me to SHOW you?" lol

Not a whole lot else is going on. Our washer needed a minor repair and even though it was out of warranty, they still were able to do a one-time courtesy coverage of it. Hubby's car is in the shop again, hopefully we'll be able to get it back early next week. Lydia is growing well. I made a montage of our wedding/my pregnancy/her birth/her first 9 weeks. http://tinyurl.com/2cpt3y is the link and it is SO cute.