Thursday, July 27, 2006

being overcome with excess emotion

The extra pregnancy emotions have started to settle in. :) Thankfully, they are not all crying sessions, lol. Sometimes I just feel extra happy, too, so happy that all I can do is laugh out loud for real.

But anyway, on the boo-hoo's... Hubby and I are watching a reality show about chefs, one of the type where each week there is an elimination. This week they were down to the final five. We watched this show last season too and when they got to the final five, after each was eliminated, they would show a mini-montage of all the fun times and positive moments that that particular person had. Last season when I watched the montages I would think "oh, that's so nice of them to do that so we remember their good times and not what they just got eliminated for" etc. But with this past show and seeing the first montage, I just kept wanting to cry. :P

And then at Toys'R'Us this weekend, when hubby and I were setting up our registry, there was the option to have a message print off on the registry sheets when people come to shop for us. I suggested to hubby to put "Thanks for thinking of us during our special time"... but I was only able to say aloud "Thanks for thinking of us". If I finished the phrase out loud, I just knew that I would start crying. My voice even cracked a tiny bit at "us". :P

As for the laughter, that comes from baby kicks. I've been feeling the baby move pretty consistently day to day, but usually he/she kicks me in random spots in my intestines, instead of right up on the surface where I could feel the kicks from the outside. Well, when I got home from work this afternoon, I layed down in bed for a bit and was able to feel several BIG kicks from both the inside and outside. Each kick would bring me such intense joy that my body would just involuntarily laugh. I couldn't NOT laugh if I tried. I really really love those kicks and don't think I could ever get tired of them. These kicks were big enough that if I could see my stomach (I couldn't from the angle I was at), I'm sure I would be SEEing them as well. If I laugh just at feeling strong kicks, I wonder how I'll feel in a few more months when I SEE the baby move.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

we have movement

I'm 19 weeks today, and I think I'm finally feeling the baby move. Yay! :) Yesterday at lunch, I felt three distinct little taps about 10 seconds apart. These taps didn't feel at all like gas or anything so I was pretty sure it was the baby. Then I felt one more tap a bit later in the afternoon. Today, I felt some more movements, and they were still so tiny, but this time they were a few actual pushes, one right after the other. It was SO cool, but at the same time a little strange. My body is doing such an amazing thing by providing a place for the baby to grow, but the baby is doing these movements on its own. There really is an entirely separate human being inside me right now. That fact is SO hard to wrap my brain around, but the increasing movements over the next few weeks will definitely help it sink in.

Like earlier when I was sick all the time, "yeah I'm naseous because I'm pregnant." Or after that when I would get so sleepy early in the evenings "I need a little more rest because I'm pregnant." Or when I was just STARVING by 8:30 am "I am hungry and need to eat more frequently because I'm pregnant." I would think these things to try and help the pregnancy sink in, but they were just words and even though I KNEW that I was/am pregnant, words and mild symptoms alone cannot make me really FEEL pregnant. But the growing belly over the past few weeks and now these tiny, wonderful movements are definitely making me "feel" pregnant. I am looking forward to both the belly and the movements increasing over the next several months.

I can't believe that my childbirth classes are in less than 2 months! I haven't even seriously looked at baby furniture or any of the other "stuff" that I'll need right off the bat. I really need to get on the stick about that so that I am not scrambling at the last minute.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

working at home is coming back

I haven't written much lately about my work at home venture. Over the past several months I've sortof tapered off with it. I'll take the odd call here and there just to keep myself "active", but the main focus of that company was burning me out.

Then, they introduced directory assistance. That was awesome! I loved it and was looking forward to supplementing my "day job" income BIG time with that. But, it went away almost as quickly as it came. The way that the higher ups worded their e-mails about it, I didn't think it was ever going to come back. So I went back to doing very few calls here and there, then about a month ago, they said "guess what, directory assistance is coming back, launching the day after memorial day." Yay! I was excited. But, that day came and went with no re-launch. And even today, it STILL has not been re-launched. The last message on it said that it would come back within the next two weeks. Well, that would put me right at my 60 days (I have to take a call every 60 days to stay active), so that weekend I went ahead and logged in and grabbed a couple of calls.

In the meantime, I e-mailed my "supervisor" and asked her about getting on with one of the other projects that this company is doing. This other "line" of calls is taking orders for a national restaurant for delivery. It is something that I felt I could do so I e-mailed my supervisor and asked her how to get into that pool and be able to take those calls. She wrote back and said that she put me on the "list" of interested agents. I wondered to myself how long the list was and when I would hear back from someone, but didn't worry too much about it.

Then 2 days ago, I woke up to find an e-mail waiting for me that says I've been selected to start training for that line! I was given a link to the training modules and told that when I complete modules 1 and 2, I'll be given instructions on how to download and log into the ordering application. So I cranked out the first two modules and passed the quizzes on Monday, and Tuesday morning I downloaded the application and finished my training. Tuesday afternoon I got one final e-mail saying that I have been moved out of training mode and into production mode (meaning I would be sending out REAL LIVE orders... scary! lol). I worked one half-hour shift last night to get my feet wet, and it was actually kindof fun. :) I really like the interface in the ordering software, and the callers are generally friendly. And the best thing about it is that this particular line's busiest time is a time when I'm consistently off from my day job, so once I get into the swing of things I should be able to do a shift or two every day, and then a little more on the weekends.

And, like I said way earlier when I first mentioned this work at home venture, it is something that I can do after the baby comes, too, to help bring in a little income. We _can_ live off of hubby's income alone, but it's nice to have a little extra padding for emergencies. :)

Saturday, July 1, 2006

slowly making progress in organizing things

Very very slowly, I am making progress in getting organized. I have my thoughts of what I need to do... I just need to DO it. It helps that I have today off (except for a shower that I'm going to this afternoon) and Tuesday off, and next Saturday off. I've been writing in this blog for so long and it's been so easy that I've neglected my paper journal. The last entry in that was from August of 2005. I am going to catch that up first b/c it is something I've written in off and on since I was 15 and eventually I may want my children and grandchildren to read it. So I printed off this blog from July of '05 thru now to help me remember significant events. :P

Hubby and I did decide to go ahead and get a doppler and now we listen to the baby almost every day. I can now distinguish between just the pulse and the actual heartbeat, and last night I even managed to get the "galloping horse" sound that several of the baby websites talk about. We've called both sets of parents on the phone and let them listen too. They loved it. :)

But anyway getting back to the organization thing. After I get my journal caught up, I'm going to get back into sewing with a vengeance, and I'm also going to clean out our dresser drawers. Hubby and I wear clothes that are all from our closet, except for our socks and underwear, so there are clothes in those drawers that we haven't even seen since we've moved here. Cleaning several of those drawers out will open up a lot of storage room... which we need with a baby coming. After I get caught up w/ that and the sewing I want to start organizing and rearranging the room that will be the nursery. It is a HUGE room so we can put some "stuff" (like my huge pile of craft/sewing supplies) in one side of the room and have the other side for baby things. But there is a huge collection of CD's that are mispackaged or lost or something, and those all need to be gone through, for example.

Not a whole lot else going on. Hubby wants to go watch fireworks today (our town is doing them early since it's a very big event here) but I don't want to fight a crowd of 50K to 100K people. We'll probably end up just staying in and watching another NetFlix movie.