Monday, July 28, 2008

a video of her not liking the word "ow"

I talked about this in my previous post, but here is a video of Lydia "not liking" the word "ow." I have no idea why she's made the association that us saying the word "ow" is such an end-of-the-world thing for her.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the cute and strange life of a toddler

First, the strange. Yesterday, Lydia started doing the weirdest thing. I haven't a clue from where she picked this up. But whenever DH or I say "owww" to her, she will start crying. And it's not just a little whimper, either, it's a full-on yelling cry with real tears and a red face and everything, like SHE is the one who has been hurt somehow.

Now, the cute stuff. The other day, I was checking my email, and she was "helping" me clean out my diaper bag. She took everything out of all the little side pockets, and brought the stuff to me bit by bit. After she gave me each little pile of "treasures," I said "Thank you!" to her. Now, SHE says "thank you" (really "dah koo") whenever she hands us something, anything from the remote control to a dish or cup that one of us has left in her reach.

And I can't leave this post w/o posting an update on hubby's job search. It's going very poorly. The few leads we started out with have only gone to dead-ends, so even though we're a good two weeks into the search, it feels like we're starting over every day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so much for today's job fair

Hubby went to a job fair this afternoon. It had several different food service companies there, who were doing on the spot interviews for restaurant management. But, over and over, they kept telling him, "Sorry... we're looking for someone with some restaurant experience." Hubby does have it, but not enough overall and not recent enough.

He also called several HR departments of other jobs that he's applied to online over the past several days, and gets the runaround there, too. "We've received your application, and it's being reviewed, and we'll call you if we need anything else."

He has one more job fair (not in restaurants, lol) to go to Thursday. Then Sunday we'll get another paper and go from there. And also make a call on Monday that will hopefully be profitable.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

no more job

Hubby and his employer mutually decided to part ways yesterday. So now, for the second time in 7 months, we are once again 100% unemployed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

camping summary, and a non-update on jobs

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Hubby's family decided several months ago to meet up at a lake in Kansas and go camping, and this would be their only "big" get-together this year (usually it's at Thanksgiving). I am not a camper. Bugs of all kinds think I'm tasty. I used to be able to tan, but I've gotten so pale now that I get a little pink before the tan comes. I was not looking forward to this trip. Hubby wasn't even going to get to go since he had to stay home and "work for free." We did find a plane ticket where he could come out Saturday night, go to church w/ us on Sunday and then fly back home Sunday afternoon, and his parents gave us the $$ for the ticket, but then on that day, his flight got cancelled. But anyway. On the FIRST day of camping, sure enough I did get bitten. I had plenty of mosquito repellent so it wasn't that. Turns out it was spider bites. Lots and lots of them. They itched so badly that it hurt. You can even still see them today, nearly 2 weeks later. And it was HOT. The campground did have showers, but even those weren't very refreshing b/c they ONLY had hot water going to them, so I might as well have sat in a boiling soup and cooked myself that way. But the Babygirl seemed to have fun, and she escaped w/ no bites, so that was good. And it was nice to see everyone. I just wish it could have been at a different location. Most of the extended family only came out here and there instead of actually camping with us, since they all live in the area.

And the non-update on job(s). It's a "non" update since nothing has really changed since I last posted. I have done some looking into being a nanny, but there are a whole lot more nanny wannabes than there are nanny positions available. Sort of the same situation like I had spoken of earlier w/ possibilities for hubby. Today is his day off, and right now he is out driving around to apply in person to anywhere and everywhere. He's trying to "kill the bear and drag it home to the cave." He has been in contact with an old boss of his at a college bookstore. Hubby has 4 years experience there, and has since acquired some management experience, so he is looking into possibly being a bookstore manager. But we have not heard anything back from that yet, either.

In the meantime, we are still praying. I believe our prayers will be answered. I believe the prayers of all the people who are praying FOR us will be answered. I believe that God has an amazing plan for us that I may not even be imagining yet. I believe... I believe... I believe. I need to keep telling myself that, because in times like this, it's way too easy to slip into doubt. When hubby first got this car sales job, we thought it WAS a blessing and an answer to prayers, but it has caused us both nothing but stress and grief for the whole time. I am SO ready for my stress to be lessened.

People have shared some amazing personal stories with me about how their prayers were answered right at the time a catastrophe could have happened, and the prayer-answer prevented the catastrophe. I tried to think of even mild instances like that in my own life, and I couldn't. I know that God loves us and will take care of us, but lately, instead of feeling like the thriving green houseplant that gets plenty of water and sits in the south-facing window... I feel like the sickly, scrawny, somewhat neglected yellowing plant with dropping leaves that's under a fluorescent light in the closet.