Saturday, February 28, 2009

a sense of humor develops

Lydia is starting to have a sense of humor. If she does something funny and the adults around her start laughing, she starts laughing too and says "That's funny!" She also understands when Mommy is being silly, like when I'm changing her diaper. Sometimes I will take the new diaper and put it on her head or tummy or wrap it around an arm or a foot. She'll giggle and then say in a somewhat deep voice, "Noooo... it goes on the bottom." I tried to get a video of it earlier today but of course once the camera came out, she just stared at it and wouldn't say her funny line. I'll have to get a video at some point though.

The pregnancy is moving right along. I'll be nine weeks on Monday. My all-day sickness comes and goes. I still haven't figure out if any particular thing triggers it, or helps it to go away, so I can only hope that it doesn't last too much longer. I'm also exhausted all the time, probably from trying to do too much, but possibly because I need iron. I'll probably pick some up and add it to my litany of other vitamins that I've been taking, and see if that helps.

Friday, February 20, 2009

getting back into a schedule

Tim got a call from the union earlier this week, and is now at a new local construction site! It's been hard for him to get back into a schedule after being off for just over a month, but he's making it work. He's very excited and loves this new site so far.

The pregnancy is moving right along. I felt mildly OK today and yesterday, and did not throw up (but was still naseous). Hopefully it'll be all gone by 14 weeks. Only 1.5 months to go until that milestone. I'm also looking forward to not being exhausted all the time. I forgot how tired early pregnancy makes you. Even more so w/ the second one since there's a firstborn to chase around.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

sick in more ways than one, potty "not" training, and the continuing wait

Hubby still does not have a job. Unemployment is coming in, but it's of course not enough. He thought about taking a job that is 7 hours away and decided it wouldn't be the best thing. The brand new people that are walking into the union off the street right now are being told to call back in 3 months. Meanwhile, hubby is being asked to just check in once/week. There was a job about an hour away, but they only took 2 apprentices and he wasn't high enough up on the list to be one of those two slots. He is still working delivering pizza in the meantime, so that is helping. And he finally stood up and requested some more hours, especially since he doesn't have a day job right now, and they gave him some more. I've been busy the last couple of weeks doing transcription, since it's that time of the quarter. One more slightly busy week and then I'll be done with it until late April. We did our taxes and are pleased with the result.

I've had sort of a cough the last few days, just irritation from a runny nose, nothing that's really contagious. But it's making me a lot more tired than I'd normally be in this condition, and is also aggravating my nausea. Just two more months until I'm 14 weeks along and hopefully the nausea and exhaustion will be behind me. (Oh, btw, I'm pregnant. Lydia's going to be a big sister in October.)

Speaking of Lydia, I can't remember if I'd mentioned it on this blog or not, but last year I did try to potty train her off and on. I did so very lightly when she was about 18 months old, and failed, and tried again in a couple of months, and failed again. She just wasn't ready and still isn't ready. She doesn't care if she's wet or dirty. She's fearful of the toilet and screams if I try to have her sit on it. Right after a shower, if she happens to have an accident before I get a new diaper on her, she doesn't even notice or care at all. I really don't know where to go from here, but may do a "potty boot camp" later this summer where we just hang out in the bathroom with books and juice, but for now, I've just given up everything. I barely even talk about it with her anymore, except in obvious cases to point out the benefits (like when she's complaining about being wiped after a #2, I let her know that if she had put it in the potty then she wouldn't need to be wiped as much). But other than instances like that, I don't mention it to her anymore. She'll either randomly "get it" and train herself sometime between now and the summer, or the "potty boot camp" will produce some results, or she'll continue in diapers. I go through phases with this milestone where I worry that she seriously will NEVER EVER potty train, then go through a few months of peaceful waiting b/c I realize that she's developmentally normal and a normal child is very likely to be out of diapers by age 5, but then the cycle resumes and I start to fret again.

So that's my update for today. Hopefully I'll have some other positive news to report before the end of the month.