Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i thought the postpartum hormones would be lessened by now

Well, a couple of weeks after Lydia arrived, I was having STRONG postpartum hormones. WAY stronger than in pregnancy. I would be crying happy tears at the silliest little things. The strong feelings gradually subsided, though, and I thought everything was semi-back to normal.

Well, this morning I threw a load of clothes into the washer. The machine filled up with water and then... nothing. I fiddled with the knobs, I moved the clothes around, I even flipped the circuit breaker even though it hadn't been tripped. Nothing. This is a bummer, because later today I was definitely going to have to wash a load of diapers. Not to mention the fact that the load IN the washer was now soaked. I sure didn't fancy toting a load of wet clothes and a baby to the laundromat and then making daily trips out there b/c of all the other things that need washing when you have a baby. I had just done a ton of laundry the previous week, too. It seemed that the machine wasn't recognizing that the lid was closed. The worst part about this is that our washer is 13 months old... and the warranty is for 12 months.

I called hubby at work and cried when I told him what happened. Then I called Lowe's and cried when I told the appliance salesman what had happened. Then I called the repair company that they recommended and cried when I gave her my address and phone number. She said that if we hadn't sent in our registration card then she could have "adjusted" the purchase date a little so that the visit would be covered under warranty, to help us out, but since Whirlpool already has our purchase date then there's nothing she can do. I got off the phone with her and called hubby again to give him the update and cried b/c we were so responsible in sending in our card on time.

The repair person is coming out in a week, but in the meantime the lady did help me out. She suggested slamming the lid, and that tripped the switch and the washer proceded with its cycle. So at least I can do laundry between now and Tuesday and not have to tote things out to the laundromat. But the repair person is coming out anyway to fix the switch. Which I guess is a good thing. I really can only slam the lid so many times before something else is likely to break. Hopefully this will be the only service call for our machine for a VERY long time.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

how to melt a new mother's heart

On 16 January 2007, Lydia smiled. She has been smiling in her sleep since birth, but this smile was when she was awake. She did it a couple of times right then, but then the last 10 days or so passed and she seemed to "forget" how to smile. I even spent the last 3-4 days smiling at her pretty much the whole time she was awake, in hopes that she would imitate me, but nothing happened. Until today. I was holding her in my arms and smiling at her like usual, and she smiled back! And it was an even bigger smile than on the 16th. Then she did it a few more times right in a row. I was so excited and happy that I almost cried. :D But then shortly after that she got tired and I had to lay her down for her nap. lol :P

We've just yesterday started using cloth diapers. We are using Fuzzi Bunz and so far we like them. I can hardly tell that they are wet until I take out the (sopping wet) insert... the inside of the diaper just feels warm and very slightly damp. I haven't yet washed a load of them, I'll probably do that first thing in the morning... hopefully I will still like them after they come out of the dryer. :p

I got on a small sewing kick the past few weeks in between our travels (a local trip while the power was out for days and an out of state trip for a funeral), and sewed up a coat with a zip-in panel so that when I wear Lydia in a carrier, the coat will fit around both of us. I also sewed a baby carrier, and a nursing dress. I was getting SO tired of wearing two-piece outfits and I love the dress. Next I need to hopefully finally finish the last two sheets for Lydia's crib, sew up some cloth wipes, and then I'll probably inventory the rest of my fabric before starting more projects (baby clothes and nursing clothes).

Hubby's job is still going fine. He has a new district manager now who is MUCH better than the last one. The last one gave him a very unfavorable annual review but it means very little, b/c the new DM has seen what hubby does and how he works. Sometime this year we're probably moving with his job again, but as to where we don't quite know yet. I also am still working at home intermittently at LiveOps. Opportunities within that venture keep coming my way and I am glad that I didn't give up on it a while back when I was feeling burned out. I haven't worked a lot lately b/c of the travelling and power outages, but will probably start up again this weekend. Lydia's starting to get into a little routine so I can somewhat plan when to work.

Not a whole lot else is going on. I'm just waiting on 1 more W2 and then we can do our taxes. With Lydia's birth last month, we should be able to get an even bigger refund than normal. Like hubby's bonus a few months ago, we have plans for some of the money, but most of it will go into savings.

Otherwise everything is going fine. I'm still loving motherhood. :) I had my postpartum checkup on Monday and my tear healed well. We also weighed Lydia there too and she is 9 lbs 7 oz. Growing slowly, but growing. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

time for another big purge

Shortly before our baby arrived, we did a giant purge of the apartment and sent all the things over to a friend's house for their garage sale/auction. Hubby's district manager said that for sure we would be moving sometime this year, so on our road trip we discussed purging. I used the words "getting organized" also... but did use the word "purging" multiple times as well, clearly (or so I thought) implying that we would be getting rid of some things.

Well, hubby is on this kick of getting up at 6:30 and wanting ME to get up with him at that time, no matter how late I'd been up trying to get baby to sleep the night before or how often I was awake with her. He doesn't have to leave for work until 9:30 or so. This morning he did get up at 6:30 and I got up at just after 9, and he hadn't gotten anything ready for work yet. During the morning, he had been "organizing" some of the cabinets and the refrigerator... but nothing was purged. The cabinets all have their stuff right at the beginning now and nothing towards the back (like the spices and baking things, mostly). The items that were in the cabinet are now in stacks out on the countertop.

What I meant by organizing is more of a purge, of random papers and things that we haven't used since we've been here, and going through our box of miscellaneous electronic items and sorting those out, and matching up the CD's with their cases and getting rid of duplicates, etc. I really didn't mean for our organization to be just a big moving-around of the same stuff we already have. I'm still sortof unpacking from our trip today but will start the purge today and have a stack for hubby to go through tonight.

He does mean well, though, and definitely has good intentions, and he is totally convinced that he did a good thing. And he did say that I could put it back if I wanted to, so that's something I'll be doing today too. So much to do before church tonight.

Friday, January 5, 2007

new year so different from last year

Wow, I can't believe I've had this blog for a whole year already! I haven't written in it as regularly as I would have liked to, but maybe that'll change this year. :)

Lydia is doing well. It's FINALLY starting to sink in that I'm a mommy. She is a month old today and still tiny. She still fits in newborn diapers and newborn clothes, and the 0-3 month clothes are still so big on her. We had a nice visit last week with my family. Mom kept wanting me to give her a pacifyer all week though saying that I would regret it if I didn't ever give her one. But so far Lydia is quite content chewing on her hands occasionally and her frequent spitups seem to have lessened in quantity and frequency, so I'm not giving her a pacifyer yet. Our nursing relationship is going too well for me to potentially mess it up by giving her one of those.

The visit with my family went well too. All of my mom's side (her sis and bro and her parents) were there at some point during the week, so they all got to meet Lydia. Two of my dad's aunts were also in town so they got to see her too... although one of them mentioned that some peanut butter would make her fists taste better while she chewed on them. My grandmother also had pics of my own birth 28 years ago, and my parents drove home from the hospital just holding me in their arms. I'm not sure that I ever had a carseat b/c of some other early memories I have. It's always interesting how things change from generation to generation.

The first night we were at my parents, Lydia would NOT go to sleep. Turns out that she was cold, so hubby and I took her into bed with us, and she went right to sleep. :) Later in the week, I was taking a nap and co-sleeping again since I had just fed her and didn't really want to get ALL the way up to do that, and my mom came into the room and tried to steal her from me for some more guests that had come over. Since Lydia was right there, I was able to keep my arm protectively over her and reassure my mom that I would bring Lydia out in a little bit.

Right now we still haven't quite made it home yet. Father in law had to have some unexpected surgery so we are staying with his parents for a few more days and hope to be back home on Monday. While we're in town, hubby is working at a store that's about 2 hours away from here. The current manager at THAT store is not doing well at all, and has 6 weeks to get the store in shape or he's gone. Hubby is working there today and tomorrow to help that store arrange the products the way they're supposed to be arranged, and try to help the manager stay there... but in the meantime he and I both are possibly hoping to move there and hubby can manage that store. Then we will be only 4 hours from my family and 2 hours from hubby's instead of 10 and 6, respectively. So anyone reading out there, keep your fingers crossed for us. In May we will have been where we're at for 2 years, and that is the timeframe that the previous district manager had expected us to stay here. The store that hubby is at is in a small-ish town, there's a wonderful church there, and the housing cost is nice and low, so it would definitely be a place we wouldn't mind settling permanently. We would very much miss where we're at, though.