Friday, March 4, 2005

no trip to alabama after all

The friends we were going to stay with in Alabama when we went over there next week are not going to be able to host us due to some family issues that they need to help with. So Tim and I aren't going to take our little road trip after all. It's probably a good thing, though, since I don't have any paid days off right now anyway. And the cats are still being toilet trained so now I can get back to the regular schedule on that. And there are some things to still be done around the apartment, etc.

We are going to go out to the Wichita Mountains on Saturday though. Friends of ours from church are going out there on Friday night and we are going to go out and spend a few hours there on Saturday, probably singing some hymns and doing a little sightseeing. I got VERY burned out on hiking from the last time we went, when we unknowingly went on a 4-hour round trip hike. But surprisingly I wasn't very sore the next day. Just very tired the evening of the murderous hike.

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