Saturday, June 21, 2008

the "new job" test was today

Hubby missed the passing score by only 2.5 points, so his application process had to stop there. He came home in a good mood, and highly motivated to go sell some cars. Selling is very much needed this month because he's only sold about 4 so far for the whole month.

As for what to do about the future, since this just isn't providing the security and consistency we need, he doesn't know yet. I put the bug back in his ear about going to school to be a nurse. Back in November when he was suddenly let go, that was a bad bad bad time to try to think about that. We had to get some income coming in and quick, so he took the first available thing that came along. It's kept us treading water since then.

If he goes back to school, I may try get a part-time job just so we don't have to live entirely on student loans, at least for a while anyway. We do want more children one day and while I don't mind working part time while hubby is home at Lydia's age now, it's a lot different for a newborn, I think. But we'll cross that bridge when/if we come to it.

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