Wednesday, January 4, 2006

new year to reorganize life and projects

Happy new year! Ok so I'm a few days late with that. Overall the holidays were fine. In-laws got us a Karaoke machine for Christmas, so on new year's night (not eve) we had a few couples over and had a little fun with that new "toy".

I still LOVE LOVE LOVE waitressing... but this is the VERY slow time of the year so I'm scheduled usually only about 4 days/week, and on the days I do work there isn't a whole lot of business going on so I don't take home the tips that I need to. So I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for a different opportunity. Right now I'm looking a LOT into pharmacy technician again and have applied and been talking to the store manager of one of the local branches of a pharmacy chain over here. I'm also looking into home health care, but since I have no experience at ALL in that, I'm more on the "companion" side of it than the nursing side. As a companion I would be doing light housework and perhaps running errands and just keeping them company. Plus if I get either one of those then I would be able to make use of my maternity clothes stash if I get pregnant. :P

Hubby got a playstation for Christmas and has been playing some of the free games on it. I bought Final Fantasy VIII and the strategy guide off of e-bay and they should be here early next week. Back in the day when I used to have a playstation, I had Final Fantasy VII and loved it, so I imagine that I will like VIII also. I just need to make sure that it doesn't consume my life like it did the other time. :P I would be looking forward to getting off work so I could go turn on the game again. LOL. But not this time... this time I have too much other stuff going on.

Like my website. It's still going slow and is sortof stalled out right now. When I started my website I had one half-finished garment so I've put the site on pause so I can finish sewing the dress first, then I will organize the bedrooms since there are piles of random things everywhere, and THEN I will make a few things to put on the website (photos of them and whatnot), and THEN I will make the website again. Unless I get pregnant this time. In that case, I will be trying to finish sewing a bunch of maternity clothes in a hurry FIRST and then do the rest of the projects. LOL :)

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