Thursday, January 19, 2006

hubby is flying

Some of you may have heard of Flylady. For those of you who haven't, she is a get-organized, get-rid-of-chaos guru. Hubby and I were talking the other day and I mentioned her and how she has this "control journal" to divide up your life into routines to get everything done that you need to, and to keep your house clean with little effort. Like if you clean a little bit every day then you won't have to work as hard when it's time to do the deep cleaning. So anyway he goes and checks out her site, and HE has started a control journal for our family. He knows that we are a little cluttery right now and he wants to help stop clutter in its tracks. I am excited.

Something else I'm excited about is going to visit my family, which I will get to do before starting my new job. My last day at my old job will be Monday and I don't start my new job until Friday so I had a few brief days off, so hubby and I are going to make the looong drive out to my hometown for a few days and I can finally meet my second nephew, born this past summer. I can hardly wait.

But something I'm NOT so excited about is my cycle. It is still being long and annoying. I go through these awful phases during the cycle where I just KNOW that my body is broken and it will never be able to fix itself again and the pill has messed me up permanently. If hubby and I have daughters (well that is if we even get pregnant at all) then I'm giving them a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility on their 12th birthday so they can learn about their cycles and will never have to go on the pill. These long cycles wouldn't be so bad if I had long irregular cycles beforehand, but they were 29-31 days. Regular, for 7 whole years before I went on the pill. I had ONE weird cycle where I had a few days of diluted-looking bleeding in the middle of my cycle, but that was IT.

Have I said that hubby and I want a baby really really bad? If I haven't, well we do. I wish I were pregnant right now. And I REALLY hope that I at least can get pregnant before my younger sister has her second (and last) baby later this summer. I will just cry if she completes her family before mine is even started. Writing about this helps, even if I don't have very many readers. :P I don't know how it helps, but just having all my thoughts OUT there seems to give me a tiny smidgen of comfort and hope. And I need all the little smidgens of those two items that I can get right now.

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