Sunday, August 27, 2006

so many people haven't felt a baby kick

This morning after church, TinyOne was moving a lot. One of the newly married girls there said that she wanted to feel it next time it was kicking. Since it was kicking a lot right then, I invited her to sit next to me and feel it. She said, "Ooo this is so exciting!" and that she had never felt a baby kick before.

This makes two people who I've let feel the baby kick who said they've never felt one before. I don't know if times have changed and women don't "share" their pregnant bellies as much anymore, or if maybe I was unusual growing up and just happened to have a bunch of pregnant women around who were willing and able to let me and others feel the kicks. Maybe it's because I'm a first-time mom but I think these kicks are so amazing and I want to share them with everyone! Especially those who haven't gotten to feel a baby kick before. And maybe it just could be that the typical pregnant woman WOULD share her tummy but waits for others to ask her if it's OK to touch, rather than her openly inviting others to feel. Anyway that is my random thought for today. :)

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