Tuesday, May 22, 2007

discouraged at the time organizing is taking

Well, I did get the nursery finished, but not until Sunday afternoon. This of course pushed back the rest of the organizing, and even today I'm still working on some of Sunday's tasks because of the million errands that I had to run on Monday. But the nursery looks GREAT!!! Especially the closet. That closet was FULL. I took everything out, sorted it out, combined some things, stacked other things better, and put it all back in. It's really amazing how much more room there is now. Her giant travel-system stroller (that we haven't once used yet, lol) even fits in there now and even with THAT in there, there's still a ton more room than I started with. And I didn't even really get rid of a whole lot, either.

When I was finished w/ the nursery and saw how beautiful it ended up, I was so motivated. I couldn't wait to do all the rest of my projects. Especially since I had divided the rooms up into sub-projects that are more managable than looking at the room as a whole. But today I'm behind once again. I was really hoping to be done by the weekend, mostly just to have it DONE, but now I'm not sure if I'll make that goal. Lydia was needing me more than usual today, there's always still the "regular" chores to do, I have to eat (I seriously even had to write "eat" on one of my to-do lists the other day... I didn't get hungry b/c I was on a roll with cleaning, and had to remind myself to eat. lol), etc.

Right now I am working on the bathrooms. I am using the same method that I did w/ the nursery closet, taking everything out and sorting through it then putting it all back in. This method really yielded the best results possible in my opinion. So at this moment, every single item from both bathrooms is in a large pile on the floor. I'll go through what seems like a lot, then look back at the pile and see how much there still is to go. :( And the bathrooms weren't the only things on the agenda for today, either. But, it's not quite 5:00 pm so I may yet get these things done. It did help that I didn't have to go anywhere today. And tomorrow's "schedule" is a bit lighter with some things on them that can actually be pushed to next week, so I can possibly catch up.

But speaking of catching up... this is all the catching up I am going to do before then. I hope to come on here Monday and share my success. :) Oh and also on Monday I'll talk about one more work at home opportunity that I'll be working on.

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