Sunday, May 13, 2007

highly motivated to get organized

Ok, I'm going to do it... I'm REALLY going to do it this time. I'm going to go inch by inch through the apartment and touch every single item and purge things we don't need and have a better organization to the things we do need. I started yesterday with a big box of paper, and it was discouraging because it took ALL day to go through that box (well in between taking care of Lydia, eating and doing a load of laundry anyway). But next, I think I will go through the nursery. The closet has some Very Scary Boxes in there but overall it seems to be the most managable room to organize so far. And hubby was sad the other day b/c we have a little desk in there that is piled with stuff on it, and right behind its chair is Lydia's laundry basket so he can't really sit in that chair and keep me company. So I am thinking about trading places with that desk and her dresser and surprising hubby with that rearrangement.

But the reason I'm so highly motivated this time is because of what I want to do AFTER I get everything cleaned up. I'm going to do another work at home thing, using the money that I've earned from transcription so far for start-up costs. But between the 3 more times that I'll be out of town between now and the end of June, it'll take a good month or more before I'm open for business and I'm keeping it a secret until then. If you want to try to guess what it is, that's fine... but I'm not telling you whether you're right or wrong. I will, however, write all about it here when it's all set up.

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