Tuesday, November 6, 2007

an unexpected career change

So. Up until last Friday, hubby worked for a pool supply retailer. He made an honest mistake in late October which caused 4K of merchandise to go missing. Friday morning, he and his DM and LP were on the phone together, where LP mercilessly interrogated him and basically called him a liar. But in the end, they did determine that DH did NOT steal the items. Even so, they had him write up a statement in his own words of what happened, and they also had him sign a restitution agreement for the 4K, authorizing payroll deductions and he was even talking with his DM about making payments over the next several paychecks. Then Friday afternoon, they fired him anyway. Hubby never even saw it coming. He knew to expect a write-up but had absolutely no clue that they were going to let him go. We've spoken briefly to a lawyer friend but employment law isn't his department so he couldn't really go into a great deal of detail, but said that what they did sounds legal (even if it is, IMO, underhanded and unethical and just plain mean).

So this week hubby's been looking for a job, revising his resume, sending it out online. This morning he's going to a car dealership that's having open interviews for salesperson positions in several dealerships throughout the area. But this loss of employment couldn't have come at a worse time. Our recent move down here ate up our already small savings account b/c of deposits and vehicle title changes and new-state licenses and all that, and we had just barely started building it back up again. We barely have enough money to last until probably the second week of December at the latest. Due to the circumstances of his loss of employment, he will not be getting a final paycheck at all. I don't know what's going to happen from here. Eventually he wants to go to nursing school, but in the meantime we need some income coming in. We have a few thousand people praying for us... I just hope those prayers are answered quickly.

Now here's a few quick Halloween pictures.

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little intro said...

Well, the prayers have already been answered! He starts tomorrow at the aforementioned Toyota dealership for orientation, then Thursday and Friday for class there. Yay. :)