Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my poor baby's diaper rash

Oh I feel bad for my poor baby. She just had a #2 and I changed her, but her whole bum was bright red. I was wiping her, and I think her skin's a little dry too (her legs feel all chapped, but she was still in her jammies so I know it wasn't carpet burn)... because when I wiped her I broke the skin in a few tiny spots. :( And I wasn't done wiping and couldn't very easily go get plain water since I'm by myself, so I had to keep using the wipes on her and since her skin was now broken, it hurt her. :( :( :( I tried to be as gentle as I could while still cleaning her all the way. Then afterwards I fanned her fanny and that seemed to feel better to her. She stopped crying and was just looking around. I put her in a disposable diaper (we had switched back to cloth last week) and she went right to sleep for her nap. But I still feel so bad b/c I can imagine how it was hurting.

I'm trying to figure out why the rash all of a sudden came like this, though. She's had little more than Cheerios and breastmilk all week, except for Sunday. For noon she has a bite of bread, and in the evening I fed her some of my On the Border Quesadillas (a little bit of chicken, plain avocado (i.e. not prepared into guacamole), a bit of cheese, a bit of onion). All things she's had before w/ no reaction.

But her poor bum. :( I hope the little sores heal up quickly.


Erin said...

Could it be a yeast infection? Juliet had one about a month ago and had little sores that broke open too. If it is a patchy red rash with little raised pin prick areas, it could be yeast. It will most likely not go away on its own. So keep an eye on it and if its not getting better you may need to treat the yeast. Once you treat it it clears up within a few days. Ouch :o(

Andrea said...

I don't think it's yeast. It's bright red and solid instead of patchy. She did have yeast a while back and it went away w/ treatment.

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Give her a bath in corn starch. It always helped with Caroline.

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Where is your Halloween costume post!?!?