Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 month stats and birthday party highlights

We had Lydia's 12-month appointment today. She's doing fine, looks healthy, developing normally. She is now 27.5" long and staying on the "standard" percentile curve for length, but she's now only 15 lbs and 2 oz. Her weight curve is getting a little flatter, but her doctor said that if you just look at her, she doesn't look underfed or anything. I like to say that Lydia is "fleshy." We went briefly over some other miscellaneous things (like what's good to eat) and came home.

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday when hubby's parents came down for a visit. There are a TON of pictures of the party on her photo page (see the new link to the right). Her daddy helped her open her presents. She was intrigued and excited at being able to "play" with paper. Then we got the cake for her. I made her cake (homemade carrot cake w/ homemade cream cheese icing) because I wanted a tasty cake. She tried to grab the cake instead of blow out her candle, so her daddy had to help her with that. Then we cut her a little piece for her and put it on a plate on her high chair. She promptly smooshed her fingers into the frosting, then licked them off, then repeated this until the frosting was all gone. Then she picked up the whole piece of cake with BOTH hands and was going to eat it that way. She got about one bite off like that and then set it back down again. The rest of the cake-eating was pretty methodical. She was so serious about it. lol

This may be my last post for a while. This weekend, I plan to go visit my family for about 10 days. It's been since August since I've been up there so I'm really looking forward to being able to see everyone.

My home business is going slow for now. I did finish some candy-cane striped longies (wool pants that go over a cloth diaper instead of a diaper cover) and hoped that someone would want them for Christmas, but no bites so far yet. I also went ahead and listed all the rest of the yarn I had planned for longies as you-pick-the-size listings to hopefully have them sell better. I also have plans for something else that will be quick-ish to make when I come back home. Then soon after I come home, I'll need to order some yarn to start in on my play food items.

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