Saturday, December 29, 2007

disposable diapers are not meant to be washed

Gross gross gross. I'm reasonably sure it was a clean one. A rogue diaper probably slipped into the laundry basket when I was taking a diaper out of the box, and then it slipped from there unnoticed into the washing machine.

Then I went back to the washer when the cycle was done, and there plastered to the wall was the diaper. The very VERY fat and full of water diaper. I picked it off, and marveled at how funny it looked so full like that, then noticed that a tiny edge of the... "seam" for lack of a better word... had come undone. This of course meant that inside the washer was a large quantity of those fun little gel pellets. Yay.

Thankfully, the seam seems to have ripped in the second spin cycle, so they were somewhat in a pile. And they did come right off of the clothes that they were on. Then I gathered up what I could of the remainder and threw those away, then ran an empty rinse cycle to catch the last few that I couldn't see.

It could have been worse, definitely. It could have come undone in the wash cycle as opposed to the rinse spin. It could have been some wool. It could have been a DIRTY disposable diaper. I've learned my lesson, though. From now on, no more just dumping the whole laundry basket into the wash w/o looking it over first, item by item.

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