Monday, March 10, 2008

so sad that it was just a dream

I've just woken up from dreaming. This dream felt SO real. I mean, I was IN the dream and things were happening and it was strange, but I totally felt like it was real. I've only been awake for about 5 minutes but even now, the dream is already fading from memory, so I'm going to try to type it out while I can.

I was in a school where my high school senior year English teacher was teaching a class. It felt like high school, in as much as we ran on a bell schedule and whatnot. I remember that the bells didn't work one day and I was late to this English class. She was just finishing up giving us an assignment on having us write a timeline of what happened in our lives when we were preschool age. I planned on calling Mom and having her look through my baby book to help me with those early memories.

Then the dream sort of switched scenes and I was on a college campus. I don't even know what classes I was taking. I lived on the third floor of a VERY co-ed dorm (you'll see just HOW co-ed in a minute... and I should have known it was a dream at that point, lol), and the stairs to get up to the third floor were more like a twisted ladder. I went up and down the stairs throughout the day, packing up to go home. My car was parked far away, but there was a closer spot. I got in my car and turned it on, and was going to use an assigned parking spot to do a quick u-turn. Well wouldn't you know it, the owner of that spot drove up right then in her big van, just as I was about to pull into it. She started to get mad, but I popped out and gestured that I was just going to use it as a u-turn and she was fine with that.

So then I get back to the dorm and I see a line of students in the teacher program lined up, doing some sort of teamwork activities outside. I thought I recognized one of the women there as someone I went to high school with, but didn't think much of it at the time. On my next trip down, I paused by all of them as the instructor was dividing them up into groups. She called the name "Amanda Allens." I recognized it as the name of the person I thought she was, though she'd gotten married. I dropped my next load off into my car, then went back upstairs to brush my teeth b/c I didn't want to talk to her w/ a bunch of bad breath. The bathroom was TINY, (think of the second bathroom in a 2/2 800 sq foot apartment) and I was brushing my teeth, and a guy was in there too, just talking to me. (See how co-ed it was? lol) So I finished brushing my teeth and then took another load down to my car.

On the way back to the gathering and snuck up behind her. "Amanda!" I whispered. Whens he turned to look at me, I asked her if she graduated from such and such high school in such and such a year. She said yes, a little suspiciously. Then I said who I was, and the light of recognition dawned. She got excited and I said I was going to be here for a little while, and asked her to call me after she got done w/ her activities. I went back upstairs to write down my phone number b/c I didn't have any paper with me (and strangely, neither did anyone else). The instructor of the group met me on the way back down and took the phone number to me, and asked me if I'd mention to the dean if they couldn't find somewhere more private in the future for the new-teacher workshop, b/c my actions had caused a bunch of disruptions. Everyone was asking Amanda who I was, etc. I said I would.

I knew the workshop was going to last a little while longer, and I was packed by now, so I thought I'd pass some time in the restaurant that was also on the third floor. It was full of predominantly guys. And apparently in my dream, I was very desirable. lol. Everyone was making crude suggestions to them, and I was making some very ego-deflating comments back to them. One of them was even wearing just a shirt and boxer shorts out in public, and I recognized the boxer shorts as being some of the same ones that hubby has. lol.

Finally I decided to go back to my room and wait for Amanda's call. I was so excited to talk to her, and tell her that I was a mom now and find out if she was one too. But the call never came. I woke up while I was waiting for it. :( This was one dream where I was actually a little sad to wake up and find out it was a dream.

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