Monday, March 3, 2008

one "step" at a time

Lydia is getting stronger in her legs and torso. She'll pull up to her toybox and then grab a toy, then let go with her other hand to investigate the toy with both hands. Or she'll be pulled up to the ottoman or couch and she'll let go with both hands to randomly clap and grin.

Prior to yesterday, though, she had to "get" to a standing position. I couldn't just set her down in a standing position and have her stay there. But she had been bouncing and twisting while not holding on to anything, so yesterday I thought I'd try again to set her down in a stand... and she stood! She kept "squatting" like she was going to sit down but then she'd get back up again.

And she even tried to take a step. But only with her left foot, and only ONE step. After that first step, her feet would be so far apart that she didn't know what to do from there, so she'd sit down and crawl. Later in the evening after we got home from church, we tried to encourage her to walk again, and she took about a step and a half before falling. I'm pretty sure she'll be walking sometime this month (finally!).

Then once she's mastered that skill, hopefully she can concentrate on learning to talk, because we STILL don't have any words here, and she'll be 15 months on Wednesday.

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