Friday, September 12, 2008

i feel calm now

Yesterday afternoon, hubby went out to a couple of pizza places to look for his part-time job. The closest pizza place to us wasn't hiring b/c they had JUST hired two drivers, but referred us to one in the next town over. He went out there and the person who could hire him wouldn't be there until today. He went ahead and filled out an application anyway and went back today. He called me what seemed like just a few minutes after he left the house, to tell me that he was hired. :D He has to call on Monday to see exactly what day he starts (they have to process his I-9 to make sure he can legally work in the US, lol), but he does have the job. And he's off on Sunday and Wednesday. :D With that job and w/ the apprenticeship, we should easily be able to make ends meet. Then my little piddly work at home things will be completely extra, to be able to go to debt or to save for a far-in-the-future home birth or whatever. :D

I feel calm, but nervous at the same time. We are moving into a "new" normal, now. I don't know what that normal will be, yet, but it will be nice to be self-sufficient again. I am excited to be moving forward in the next phase of our life and that our unemployment wasn't too long.


Lindsay said...

I'm so happy for you both! Is he going to be delivering pizza or actually working in the pizza shop?

Andrea said...

He'll be delivering some and working in the shop some. :)