Friday, October 10, 2008

growing up but staying small

Lydia has more words now that she says spontaneously.

off - when she wants me to take her shirt/dress/shoes/etc. off
dress - shirt, dress, get dressed, or I'm dressed
weenwee - sandwich, although this word is soon to be replaced by sanwee since she's already started saying the latter here and there
down - put me down, I want to get down
c'mere (accompanied by her reaching out and grabbing w/ her upturned hands) - come here and pick me up and hold me
body there - is anybody there (when talking on the phone, lol)

She also is starting to put two words together on her own, finally:

nana bowl - can I have a banana in a bowl?
juice please

She goes to sleep like a dream most nights. She knows the routine and when I put her in her crib, she lays down and waits for me to cover her up and doesn't make a peep until after her nap or until the next morning. I'm still nursing her an average of once a day. When she's done eating, she will take her plate into the kitchen and put it on the counter by the sink (and it's so cute b/c she has to stand on her tiptoes and can barely reach it).

She is getting taller, but she's still in 12 month play clothes. I have a bag of 18 month winter clothes, so I'm hoping that the change in weather will coincide with her fitting into the next size. It's still too warm in the afternoons to switch her over to those clothes full time yet. She is a whopping 22.4 pounds, and about 31 inches tall. She's going to take after her mama in the size department, definitely.

Both of hubby's jobs are still going fine. My jobs are going fine. It's about to be peak season for transcription again. I was nervous for a little while because the operations were suspended while they worked on renegotiating their major contract, but they were successful so I will start back to that work late next week. I'm also working hard to get caught up on my play food orders, and I still have ideas for a bunch of new foods that aren't even on my "menu" yet. I'm hoping that my small work at home ventures will help us here and there w/ paying down debt and putting into savings and saving up for particular goals and dreams, including a house eventually, for one, but we are accepting that for now we will be in an apartment for the foreseeable future.

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Vanessa said...

way to go Lydia on the language! Ryan doesn't even attempt to put two words together!!