Friday, November 21, 2008

the glass doesn't have feelings, hon

I keep a glass of water next to the computer, and sometimes when Lydia walks by it, she wants a drink from it, rather than from her sippy cup. I usually try to direct her to her cup, but sometimes I'll give her a sip. I was taking it down for her earlier tonight, and I bumped the desk with it. Lydia then touched the desk, and with great concern, said "owie?" and then repeatedly touched the glass and said "you hurt? you hurt? you hurt?" It was so cute. She wouldn't even take a drink until I stopped laughing and explained that desks and glasses don't have feelings and can't get hurt like people can. Sometimes when I bump her or when she bumps herself, she'll say owie and hurt, but this is the first time she's said it for something other than herself. It was so cute.


Anonymous said...

lol thats so funny! Shes very smart!

jdavidb said...


Maybe she would enjoy caring for an outside baby. :)

mama2reese said...

so sweet!!!

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