Monday, October 5, 2009

a toddler's talent and sense of time

In the past, whenever Lydia gets a pen and paper, she just makes random circles, lines and scribbles. Even her name, when I write it out first, she'll make a few random scribbles and say, "that says Lydia." But yesterday, my mother in law gave her a notepad at church, and I noticed that Lydia was putting eyes and a mouth inside the circle, then adding legs and arms. :) So this morning, I asked her to draw a happy face, and she did. Then I asked for arms and legs, and she did that too. I love it. :)

And she is starting to develop a sense of time. Anything in the past happened "this morning" and anything in the future will happen "tonight." She uses these terms even if the events referred to are several days in the past or future. It is really so cute to see how her mind processes things as she gets older.

The pregnancy is still going. This is the longest that I've been pregnant now. I am due today, but there's absolutely nothing going on. I know that God is putting the finishing touches on my baking baby, though, and it will be born when the time is right. But I'm still hoping that the right time comes sometime this week. Mother in law came down on Saturday and is going to stay for about two weeks, to help me out postpartum. Hopefully most of these two weeks WILL be postpartum instead of pregnant, although I appreciate the help prepartum as well. :)

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Life in the Alternative said...

I'm a new/random reader, but I had to say HOW CUTE! I love how little kids always start with just a circle with limbs coming out, it's the cutest thing to me.