Friday, October 14, 2005

moving on to step two in working at home... plus a lead on a day job

I had my call this morning and it was fairly informative. I had been talking to people and e-mailing one person in particular about this, though, and I pretty much already knew most of the things in the conference call. I went ahead and downloaded my papers and sent them priority mail today so that I might be able to start my training on Monday evening. Hopefully I can finish by next weekend so I can start taking calls. :) I can't wait.

As for the lead on a different day job, one of my current customers said that where she works is hiring... and she works in a very busy call center for a health insurance company. I tried to call HR this morning for that but only got their voice mail. I will have to try again on Monday. Working there instead of where I'm at would be great. My current job pays the bills and all but I don't like getting people in debt so I can take home a paycheck to get out of it. :(

Spoke to Mom today. Nephew "I" is now saying "scuze you" when people cough, and covering their mouth with his hand. So cute. :) Can't wait until my as-yet-unconceived children do cute things. :)

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