Wednesday, October 5, 2005

dreaming of working at home

I know and you know that there are a million scams out there for work at home "opportunities". And this week I believe that I have been scammed again. I need to do more thorough Google searches before trying out any other "opportunities" that require money. (I was out less than 2 extra value meals this time though so it wasn't a huge bite out of the budget). But still. That was money that could have helped, even a teensy bit, with the washer/dryer fund, or something.

I do still desire to work at home and keep coming back to transcription. I don't have any medical transcription background, but there are other things that can be transcribed. I saw an ad for legal transcription but that job of course wants legal experience which I don't have. Typing is and always has been my forte and I want to use it somehow. A thought popped into my head that I could transcribe sermons, but I don't know how I would feel about transcribing sermons with a message that I didn't believe in. And most churches which I WOULD go to would probably not be able to pay me scripturally. So I don't know. I can draw but when I draw well it takes me a long time, and there probably isn't a very high demand for it. And I can craft. Maybe I could make plaster magnets. But they took SO long to make last time. Well, maybe THAT was because I left them sit and only worked on them every so often. If I make a bunch of them at once, like a hundred or so, then it might be a little more worthwhile.

If I could find a work at home opportunity where I could make just a little extra here and there, like $50/week, then Tim and I could pay off our debts a teensy bit sooner and could start trying for a baby just a little bit earlier. I crave motherhood. And the further that time goes on, the more I crave it. I don't want it to become an ache. Patience is a virtue but can one be too virtuous?

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