Tuesday, November 29, 2005

now remind me why i don't have cable again

With the in-laws visiting over the weekend, we "splurged" and rented a few movies from the local video place. One of them were two movies from Lifetime TV. One was called "Too Young to be a Father" and the other was "Mom at Sixteen". As you can probably tell from the titles, both movies dealt with the issues surrounding teenage parenthood. Both movies brought me to tears. If I'm this hormonal while wanting-a-baby-but-waiting, how much more will my moods be swinging when/if I actually DO get pregnant? I will probably cry at used car commercials. That would be funny. If I did that then hubby would laugh at me for sure. Hubby watched most of the second one with me and it made him almost cry and want a baby so bad too. I really do miss Lifetime TV but I don't miss the high cable bill each month.

On a good note, my left eye has been behaving today. Well only for a little bit. But at one point I closed my right eye but I could still see clearly all the way down the street. So hopefully the 17 Jan 2006 eye appointment will go Ok after all and they won't schedule me for an enhancement.

We finally ate up the rest of the leftover turkey today. Now I have to go shopping tomorrow. I should be getting the Christmas gifts tomorrow too so I can get those wrapped. I did get a lot of addresses written on Christmas cards today though.

Jobs are still going fine and I am also going to take the plunge and sign up for the Greeting Cake Company. I'm also going to get a website (make it pretty basic at first) so I can also sell maybe little jewelries or crafty things or something. Just a little extra to help pad the budget when/if I am a stay at home mom.

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