Tuesday, November 1, 2005

the job saga continues

Wow. When was my last entry? Two weeks ago. Wow. Time to catch up, LOL.

A week ago Monday I had an interview, but it wasn't for the call center. It was for a national breakfast restaurant chain, to be a waitress there. They hired me. I start on November 8th. I am so excited. The only thing is that it is a little restaurant and pretty much the whole place is smoking except for 3 booths on one end of it, but it is VERY well ventilated (when I went to fill out my application, one of the waitresses sat down RIGHT next to me to take a smoke break, and I didn't even notice that she was smoking until she said something to me and I turned to her to reply.) I think it will be something that I enjoy. My shift will be afternoon and evening, but I get Sundays and Wednesdays off for church. I would be getting waitress pay 2.13/hour plus tips, but I would work at a slow time during the day, and based on the estimate my interviewer told me, I would be taking a pay cut to go there. But... the restaurant is RIGHT across the street from me so I don't even have to drive, so I will save a lot on gas. AND... with the evening hours, etc then I can have more "prime time" for LiveOps so I can work when that job is busy, too. I am excited. :)

My second cycle off the pill is being very long. If I wasn't charting, I'd think I was about 4 weeks pregnant, LOL. I am on day 44 and just now today I had a temp shift that could potentially indicate that I ovulated yesterday. Hopefully my temperature will stay high over the next few days to confirm this.

Oh, and one more possible work at home thing. I might be able to get into medical transcription, too. The girl that I was e-mailing about LiveOps wants to help me get into transcription through the clinic that she works with. And I can also do THAT when I stay at home, too... and I can do the transcription with a noisy background (baby talking, cats meowing, etc) unlike LiveOps which needs silence. Only time will tell how any of these opportunities will work out, but I am hopeful and praying. :)

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