Monday, June 12, 2006

got my first belly rub today

I got my first belly rub today. :) It was from one of my female coworkers after an after-hours meeting we had. She came up to me and I thought she was going to say something, but instead it was just rub rub rub. It was over so quick but was cute, especially since my "belly" is so NOT a baby belly yet. :P I mean even yesterday, I wore a non-maternity dress, and the particular dress I wore made me look like I wasn't even pregnant at all. My morning sickness is pretty much gone. Today I woke up to potty about an hour or so before my alarm went off, and drank a glass of milk (on an empty stomach) and went back to bed. Still felt fine all throughout getting ready and the rest of the morning. My next appointment is in two days. I wonder if I'll get to hear the heartbeat again. I also wonder if my appointment after this one (when I'll be 18 weeks) will also be my ultrasound appointment. I'm still not able to feel my uterus so I feel now like I did at the very beginning of this pregnancy... like I'm faking it. :P I even still take my waking temperature every now and then, and just a few days ago I took another home pregnancy test. I believe it, I really do... but at the same time it's so unbelievable.

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