Sunday, June 4, 2006

showing, but with a fake belly

I turned 13 weeks yesterday. I've only gained about 5-6 lbs or so (most of it in my bosom). I have been taking pictures weekly except for weeks 9 and 10, and although there is little change week to week, there is a very noticable change from my first picture to my 13 week picture. I'm definitely starting to show a little bit.

But, I just feel like it's not really "baby" belly yet. I already had a little belly before I got pregnant, and I think that my "showing" now is just a little expansion of the belly that was already there. It's enough to make my pants a little tight but they are still wear-able. And if I pull my tops tight then you can definitely tell that it's there.

This is all while I'm sitting or standing, though. When I lie down on my back, everything disappears and my belly goes as flat as if I do hundreds of crunches each day. I call it my "incredible disappearing belly". :P And I really don't know where it goes, either. It doesn't feel like it goes up higher on my tummy... or over on the sides... or anything. It just completely disappears. :P My weekly pregnancy e-mail says that the baby is 3 inches now, but it is hiding VERY well in my abdomen. I still poke at my tummy to try and find my uterus and sometimes I think I feel it, but other times I wonder if it's just part of my abdominal muscles.

But, I have enough of a tummy to rub without looking _too_ silly, so that makes me happy. :)

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