Thursday, October 26, 2006

birth plan, version 1.1

Well, I wrote up our birth plan and took it to our prenatal appointment yesterday. And can I just say I love my doctor? She really should have been a midwife because on SO many things she just has more of a midwifey attitude than a medical attitude. She totally sees birth as the natural event that unfolds in its own time and own way than the medical event that should be managed into a standard mold to fit all women.

Anyway here is the birth plan:

Throughout labor and delivery of the baby, Tim (lastname) (baby's father) and J_____ ____ (doula) will remain with me. I have faith that my care providers during this birth will allow me and Tim to make informed decisions regarding all procedures. outlined below are our preferences for labor and delivery. We expect a normal, uncomplicated, vaginal delivery, but understand that things may happen beyond our control. If complications arise, we would like to try the least invasive intervention first, if possible.

Here are our preferences should the birth procede normally:

First stage of labor:

- I prefer a heplock and oral hydration instead of an IV.

- I would liked to be hooked up to a fetal monitor as infrequently as possible and would like a telemetry unit if one is available.

- I would like to move around freely, use a birthing ball, and change positions for comfort.

- I realize that there are several options for pain relief available to me. We are planning a drug-free birth, though, so I do not wish to have drugs offered to me.

- I would like infrequent vaginal exams, and I don't want to be told each time how dilated I am unless I ask. If I seem "stalled" at a particular measurement and I and baby are still doing fine, I wish to give my body time to finish laboring on its own before discussing augmentation or a surgical birth.

Second stage of labor:

- To help my perineum stretch gradually, I would like warm compresses, perineal massage, and slow pushing. I wish to avoid an episiotomy and would rather tear than be cut.

- I would like to push with my body's own urges, taking a new breath as necessary, instead of holding my breath and pushing to a count.

- We did not find out the gender prenatally and would like to see for ourselves what our "surprise" is instead of having it announced.

After birth of baby:

- Baby's father would like to cut the cord, after delivery of the placenta.

- I would like to breastfeed immediately after delivery, to help contract the uterus and deliver the placenta. Please no shots of pitocin or uterine massage without discussing first.

- I wish to keep my baby skin to skin immediately after delivery, with assessments and tests delayed for bonding time or done while baby is in mother's arms.

- We want to room in with our baby for our entire hospital stay.

- We have chosen to decline antibiotic drops in baby's eyes.

- We have also chosen to decline a hepatitis B vaccine. Baby will receive that vaccine at a later well-baby visit.

- If baby is a boy, we do not want him circumcised while in the hospital.

- Baby's father would like to give the baby its first bath.

I do have to revise a couple of things on here but they are VERY minor and I'll post the updated version after my next appointment in a couple of weeks. :)

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