Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i thought the postpartum hormones would be lessened by now

Well, a couple of weeks after Lydia arrived, I was having STRONG postpartum hormones. WAY stronger than in pregnancy. I would be crying happy tears at the silliest little things. The strong feelings gradually subsided, though, and I thought everything was semi-back to normal.

Well, this morning I threw a load of clothes into the washer. The machine filled up with water and then... nothing. I fiddled with the knobs, I moved the clothes around, I even flipped the circuit breaker even though it hadn't been tripped. Nothing. This is a bummer, because later today I was definitely going to have to wash a load of diapers. Not to mention the fact that the load IN the washer was now soaked. I sure didn't fancy toting a load of wet clothes and a baby to the laundromat and then making daily trips out there b/c of all the other things that need washing when you have a baby. I had just done a ton of laundry the previous week, too. It seemed that the machine wasn't recognizing that the lid was closed. The worst part about this is that our washer is 13 months old... and the warranty is for 12 months.

I called hubby at work and cried when I told him what happened. Then I called Lowe's and cried when I told the appliance salesman what had happened. Then I called the repair company that they recommended and cried when I gave her my address and phone number. She said that if we hadn't sent in our registration card then she could have "adjusted" the purchase date a little so that the visit would be covered under warranty, to help us out, but since Whirlpool already has our purchase date then there's nothing she can do. I got off the phone with her and called hubby again to give him the update and cried b/c we were so responsible in sending in our card on time.

The repair person is coming out in a week, but in the meantime the lady did help me out. She suggested slamming the lid, and that tripped the switch and the washer proceded with its cycle. So at least I can do laundry between now and Tuesday and not have to tote things out to the laundromat. But the repair person is coming out anyway to fix the switch. Which I guess is a good thing. I really can only slam the lid so many times before something else is likely to break. Hopefully this will be the only service call for our machine for a VERY long time.

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Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Awww... what an adventure. Did I tell you about our washer overflowing when I was 8 months pregnant - and flooding the utility room, garage, hall, and NURSERY!! Oh yes, I was crying from pregnant hormones.

The washer just filled, and filled, and filled. I had to turn off the water at the wall shut off valve. After I cleaned up all the water using our shop vac I used a bucket to lower the water level in the washer and finally got it to cycle properly and drain. I monitored several wash cycles and we ended up cancelling the repair man.

We had to pull the carpet up in the nursery to get it all dry and Kevin had to rent a carpet stretcher to lay the carpet back down. And we had the carpet cleaned to remove the water stains.

Oh, well... that was in our old house. Hope there aren't any lasting problems.