Wednesday, January 10, 2007

time for another big purge

Shortly before our baby arrived, we did a giant purge of the apartment and sent all the things over to a friend's house for their garage sale/auction. Hubby's district manager said that for sure we would be moving sometime this year, so on our road trip we discussed purging. I used the words "getting organized" also... but did use the word "purging" multiple times as well, clearly (or so I thought) implying that we would be getting rid of some things.

Well, hubby is on this kick of getting up at 6:30 and wanting ME to get up with him at that time, no matter how late I'd been up trying to get baby to sleep the night before or how often I was awake with her. He doesn't have to leave for work until 9:30 or so. This morning he did get up at 6:30 and I got up at just after 9, and he hadn't gotten anything ready for work yet. During the morning, he had been "organizing" some of the cabinets and the refrigerator... but nothing was purged. The cabinets all have their stuff right at the beginning now and nothing towards the back (like the spices and baking things, mostly). The items that were in the cabinet are now in stacks out on the countertop.

What I meant by organizing is more of a purge, of random papers and things that we haven't used since we've been here, and going through our box of miscellaneous electronic items and sorting those out, and matching up the CD's with their cases and getting rid of duplicates, etc. I really didn't mean for our organization to be just a big moving-around of the same stuff we already have. I'm still sortof unpacking from our trip today but will start the purge today and have a stack for hubby to go through tonight.

He does mean well, though, and definitely has good intentions, and he is totally convinced that he did a good thing. And he did say that I could put it back if I wanted to, so that's something I'll be doing today too. So much to do before church tonight.

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