Tuesday, August 7, 2007

internet coming this weekend... maybe

So the other day I got a message on my answering machine, saying that on Friday, August 10th, my dial tone would be temporarily disconnected while they prepare my line for my new high-speed internet service, and that my dial tone would be restored by 6:00 pm. The message didn't say I'd have internet at that time, but since I already have the modem, I'm definitely going to try it out as soon as the dial tone comes back. Fingers crossed. Not that I don't like the library, but with Lydia it's such a hassle to try and come up every few days, and then hope that she doesn't cry too much or talk to much or otherwise disturb the other library people. It's just too bad that my home internet isn't coming in time for me to do any transcription at all, since on Monday I'm driving up to Amarillo and will be there for about 9-10 days.

Lydia and I are finally getting over our cold that we had all weekend while hubby's family was in town. They were so helpful though, putting dishes and food away for me and trying hard to let me get the rest I needed so I could heal up. But even with all the help, it was amazing what a difference a day by myself made w/ regard to healing, etc. By yesterday evening, I felt SO much better. I still had a ways to go, though. But Sunday I was so sick that I stayed home from church that morning. I'm definitely glad to be feeling better, and not going through a box of kleenex a day anymore.


Nicole Burkett said...

OMGosh I'd be going crazy with no internet!
I hope it's up and running soon!
What a teeny tiny perfect little baby you have! I guess you make skim milk and I make 1/2&1/2 LOL We had the fattest little toads that first year, they were like the michilum tire baby *gasp* LOL

Oh and when you read this could you please PM me your new address ASAP????
I've sent off Lee Ann's beads and I just realized I have your MO address still...OOPS!

BTW this is Nicole B ;-)

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Hope the internet comes on Friday. Isn't it funny how crippled we feel now without it?

I can't believe that ten years ago, I had never e-mailed anyone and now I communicate with so many people this way. Esp. as all of my friends move around.