Monday, August 27, 2007

yummy solid foods

I'm now giving Lydia 2 meals of solids each day. Little meals, though, so she still gets most of her nutrition from me. In the morning I give her a little fruit and cereal, and in the afternoon I give her some meat and veggies. She loves it so far. I also give her a puff every now and then, too. She's so funny with these, because she'll investigate it, then carefully use her cute little pincer grasp to get a hold of it. But when she tries to put it in her mouth, it takes her a couple of tries before she figures out how to let it go. Then she eats it. :) I only give her one at a time for now because if there's more than one available, she'll get overwhelmed and lose interest in it all together.

I haven't heard anything back yet about getting back into transcription, but Monday is a slow day, so hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow. If I don't get back into this, then hopefully I'll be able to get on with another company, now that I have some transcription experience. I also still need to dye up my diapers that are all tied and ready, and try to get those up for sale soon. I'm all unpacked so I really don't have any excuse for delay.


Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

Wow, what meat are you giving her. I gave Caroline chicken a few times, but it gave her a really bad diaper rash (and smell). So, I'm holding off a bit longer on meat.

Caroline also loves puffs. She stuffs an entire handful into her mouth.

Have you tried making your own baby food. I love doing it. I tend to get into a rut with our options though. I'm going to try broccoli soon.

Andrea said...

I'm giving her part of those jars of "turkey and turkey gravy", "chicken and chicken gravy" and "beef and beef gravy." She hasn't had any ill effects from it yet.

I haven't tried making my own baby food yet, but originally intended to. I still may do that later, or for our next baby.