Friday, August 3, 2007

well-baby visit turns sick-baby visit

Wednesday Lydia had her 6-month well baby visit (even though she'll be 8 months on Sunday... we're slowly catching up from being behind though). Sunday and Monday she had a fever, but Tuesday it had gone down again. She wasn't really having any other symptoms and we had already scheduled her well-visit before she got her fever, so I wasn't overly concerned. Then Wednesday she woke up with a cold, which she later gave to me. So nice of her to share. lol. And at our appointment we found out that she also has a little ear infection too. Poor baby really looked miserable on Thursday. I took some pictures but will have to share them later, since I STILL don't have home internet yet.

Anyway, I LOVE her new dr. Once again, I got lucky by just picking a random one off of the insurance list. (The other time was when I got a natural-birth-supportive dr for my prenatal appointments back in Missouri.) At only 13 lbs and 13 oz at 8 months, Lydia has "fallen off" the growth charts now. But her doctor made the comment that "these charts were made in the '60s based on a bunch of Caucasian formula-fed babies" and that she's not worried that Lydia's no longer on it. She also told me that it's totally fine that she hasn't had any solids yet and that if I wanted to exclusively breastfeed until she's 12 months then that was fine (but she did give me a vitamin perscription to give her to help her iron). I was so surprised, since the medical community as a whole generally has the reputation of not being quite so supportive of breastfeeding.

I finished unpacking yesterday, just in time for hubby's sister and her family to come into town today for a few days. I'm excited for their visit. I haven't even met my brother-in-law yet since they've been overseas since before I met hubby. And none of them have met their niece/cousin yet either. There's only one other girl grandbaby on that side of the family and my sister-in-law is so excited to have a niece.


amy said...

how did i not know that you were moving. this sucks.

Anonymous said...

Wow Andrea, that new doctor sounds wonderful! You really did luck out!!! I love her too...hee hee.

Jamie (gemasita)

Belinda said...

Hey Andrea
Glad you're all settled in in your new place.

Just curious as to why you don't wish to try solids until after 1 year.

Hope you're feeling better!!!

- Belinda

jdavidb said...

We had the same crud at the same time. Apparently we are welcoming you back to Texas by giving you the latest disease. :)

Andrea said...


Ooops, sorry I wasn't clear in my post. I left out some details. The doctor had made that 12-months comment without me specifically mentioning 12 months. I won't be solids free that long, but obviously I've already gone solids-free for longer than is usual here... and her response w/ the 12-months comment was just in response to my still being solids free at 8 months.

Hope that came out right, pardon the bad grammar there. :P