Tuesday, January 22, 2008

walking before standing?

Remember back when I posted about how Lydia learned to crawl before she learned how to sit by herself? Like how she did that out of order? Well, I am thinking that she may similarly walk before she stands. I have witnessed her standing alone, but it's been so brief and unintended and infrequent on her part that I'm not "counting" it. She has been walking along furniture for a while and is getting faster at that. And over the past couple of days, DH has been "teaching" her to walk by holding her hands and walking with her. She can walk like that if we hold both her hands. But as soon as we let go, it's down onto her bottom. Even so, there's small bits of time when we're helping her walk that it feels like she's not really putting a lot of weight on our hands.

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Anonymous said...

She'll get there. Don't try and prompt her too much she will just up and do it one day when she's ready. And once she does - well, your entire world will change and get so much trickier and more chaotic LOL!

Re standing: Darcy didn't really stand all that much unaided before walking. He was super-fast at cruising furniture and he stood a few times. I think he cruised for about 6 or 7 weeks before he stood a few times and did a little run of about 6 steps with our encouragement (ie he would do 6 steps if we were a little way ahead of him. He woudn't walk at that stage if there was no reason/need to). He was doing those runs of steps around 12th Nov and by 12 Dec he was running. It only took him about 2 weeks to go from those 6 step walking sessions to walking all the time very competently, then another week/10 days to be RUNNING. It progresses really fast and from most kids I've known going thru this stage, they've all had fairly similar timelines.

Some days i long for a child that doesn't walk or RUN! LOL!