Friday, December 5, 2008

and then she was two

Last year:


Another year has come and gone, much more quickly than her first year. She continued with her firsts this year, with her first steps and her first word. Now she's talking in a few sentences and nearly running.

I am still nursing her. I never imagined "not" nursing a toddler and had set 18 months as my minimum goal. I am very happy and blessed to have reached a 2-year milestone. She of course doesn't nurse as often as a newborn, and here and there we skip a day entirely. I think that both of us would be OK if either of us wanted to quit, but it's nice to still have this relationship for now.

I haven't had her 2-year appointment yet but she is about 32 inches tall and 25 lbs. She is still rear-facing in her carseat, and loves to take her shoes off within seconds of being in the car. Then when I go to get her out, I ask her where the shoes went, and she points over the side of her chair.

She knows what she wants but doesn't always have the words to express it, and will end up hollering if she doesn't get her way. She also has learned a trick of putting her arms straight up when I pick her up around the ribs, and nearly can slip out of my grasp that way. She also runs away when I say "give mama kiss" or "let's go to bed" lol.

She has a wonderful smile and laugh and says thank you and you're welcome and sometimes shares. She eats everything you put in front of her and takes her plate to the sink by herself. She's still too short to put it up on the counter though so I have to help her do that. She loves phones and will hold them to her ear and say "anybody there?" I wouldn't trade her for anything.

What will happen this next year? Hopefully another first... potty training!


Margaret said...

Wow, where did all that hair come from? I guess her hair usually isn't down in your blog pictures b/c I'm sure she's had hair that long for awhile.

Happy Birthday!!

Andrea said...

She's had hair this long for a few months.... I just have been a slacker at taking pictures. :p

Lee Ann Stehle said...

Happy Birthday Lydia! Her birthday popped up on my calendar and I didnt get a moment that day to stop and send a message. Shes so pretty and getting so big. Im enjoying watching her grow into a precious little girl! I feel like shes in my family!