Friday, December 19, 2008

a memory verse, a boa, a burp and a bite

Lydia moved up from the infants' Bible class to the 2 yr old class this month, since she is 2 now, and they have memory verses even that young. Her verse this month is Jeremiah 31:33, and I've been working with her on it, by saying 3 or so words and then she'll repeat those words (or just continue on w/ the next 3 or so words, depending what mood she's in, lol). This morning, she got the farthest in her verse that she's ever gotten by herself. I started her off and said, "I will put," and then she said, "I will put... my law... in their minds... and write it... on their hearts." I would get it on video but I have to catch her at just the right mood or she'll either not repeat me at all or just repeat "I will put" and then stop, lol.

But speaking of videos, here's one to enjoy. She got a feather boa for her birthday, but can't quite say it. And yesterday, hubby taught her how to say "bite" in a funny way, so that is on there, too. And in the middle of it all is a big burp, just to show how dainty and feminine she is not. LOL

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