Saturday, August 6, 2005

dissatisfied with job after only two months?

Well, not really dissatisfied with the job, per se, but with one particular person I work with. I prayed the other day for patience and already that helped a lot. When I first started, it didn't bother me but now I feel like she is overly bossy and loud and talks too much etc. And she is the one that is going to be there for a while. My other coworker, the sweet quiet church-going one, plans to leave next summer at the latest. :( I am sad, but maybe she will be there through the summer and hopefully if we are blessed with children when we try then I'll only be "without" her for 2 months or so. All these little mini-trials will just make me stronger. But every other single facet about my job is great. I am thankful for my blessings. Today I got to work in a different store again to help out. It's nice to have a change of scenery like that. I wasn't very busy but had spurts of 3-4 customers coming in at once. I liked it.

I've re-figured the credit card payoff scheme. I added an extra 30/month or so to just the regular payments, and also an extra 200 for each of 3 months towards the end of the year to reflect the extra paycheck we get. (Get paid biweekly and the budget is based on a 2-check month but some months we get 3 checks). And the new payoff date is September! A whole month earlier. I think we will still wait and start TTCing in January, though, just to give us that extra month of cushion and savings. Plus I might be able to pay off my car the next month. That would be very exciting. :)

I'd better go for now. I want to do some sewing this afternoon. I cut the cloth out last weekend and all week I was too tired to do anything else besides cook and dishes. It is a summery dress so I want to finish it while it's still summer. Once Labor Day hits then I won't be able to wear it to work since I'm not supposed to wear open toed shoes there, etc.

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