Monday, August 22, 2005

family is so far

For the first time since I first left home 9 years ago, I'm homesick. I really want to see my family. Especially my new nephew who is 6 weeks old now. And I have the Tuesday after Labor Day off (and Sunday and Monday). Since I had to work Saturday and Wednesday, I was thinking that my mom and sis and baby could come up at least for that weekend. I called them this evening... and my aunt is already going to Amarillo that weekend so they can't come up. I cried. I won't get enough time off anytime soon to take a trip up there, and they said that they can come up and see me sometime on one of Dad's off weeks, but I will only have limited time off to visit with them. :( I just feel so detached from them lately like they're thousands of miles away and I'll never see them again. But Mom did say she'd send me a few pictures.

Charting is going fine. I wonder if I'm really doing it "right" sometimes but this is still only my first cycle off, so I am still learning. Without being TMI, I wonder if I'm charting my CF correctly. Hopefully I'll have a temp shift in a couple of days.

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