Wednesday, September 21, 2005

no motivation for exercising

I'm still not in the best of shape. Walking up one flight of stairs at slightly more than a normal pace will leave me a little out of breath. I do have a half-hour walking video that I do... sometimes. I just keep hitting the snooze alarm until it's too late and I have to go ahead and get ready for work. I need to do something like put up motivational post-it notes all over the house, saying things like "Just know how much healthier your future pregnancies will be if you start to get in shape now" and so on. And I know all that in my head. I just can't get my head to communicate with my body lately.

Diva cup had a little leaking last night, but I think that is because it wasn't positioned properly. And it was only a LITTLE leaking. I still love it. :)

As for work, I'm getting to the point more and more where I DON'T love it. We have a new district manager and she is implementing a ton of new policies with consequences of termination for not following some of them. All the managers in the district had a meeting about 2 weeks ago and there were new things to do right after that one. Now they just had another meeting yesterday and there are tons of additional new procedures from THAT one. I can't hardly keep it straight. Like one of them is staying until 8 for two nights a month. And not open for the customers to come pay late if they need to... but to do collections and whatnot during that time. If I thought I could find a different job that would pay the same I would leave. But this one is so close to both home and Tim's work, and overall it's not all that difficult, and it's not like I'm going to make a career out of it. I just wish I could go back into direct sales right away and we could go ahead and start trying to get pregnant. And also that the direct sales business would pick up so we could still pay off our credit cards on schedule. :P If I find the right business... maybe I can get into direct sales sometime early next year. But that is when we'll start trying for a baby anyway so I don't know. Only 6.5 more months until we start trying if we try in April. Still possible that we can try in February or March, but January is pretty much out. I just have to go one day at a time.

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