Friday, May 26, 2006

work already knows that i won't be back afterwards

Well for a couple of weeks, every now and then, work has been asking me about my maternity leave and I've been trying to give vague answers so that they won't get the idea that I won't be coming back and decide to just go ahead and let me start my maternity leave before I'm even showing or feeling the baby move or anything.

But this morning, the guy I open with asked me a question DIRECTLY related to staying at home for good after the baby comes, and followed it up with "I know you're not coming back and so does [our boss]." It was said in a good-natured tone so I answered him and we talked about it a little more. I asked him if our boss was mad or anything that I wouldn't be coming back and he said no, so that is a big relief for me. Now I can just keep on going and not have to worry about when I'm going to tell them that I'm not coming back.

Speaking of work, YAY I have a long weekend now. :D I think this will be the first time in my entire working life where the office I work in is actually CLOSED on Memorial Day. And with the wedding earlier this month (which went fine, the dress turned out great and the bride was beautiful and the groom was nervous and everyone ended up happy at the end of the day), this weekend coming up is my first weekend in a long time where there's not a big "something" to do (either work or go out of town or something). So I plan to use it to catch up on some sewing. Especially since I'm finally feeling better. i have piles and piles of fabric just screaming at me to be made into fabulous garments. And hubby will be working on most of the days so I'll have to find SOMEthing to keep myself busy. Sewing will fit that bill nicely.

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