Monday, October 1, 2007

10 month appointment (stats, etc.)

We had Lydia's 9-month appointment today, but I'm calling it her 10-month appt since she'll be 10 months in just a few days. Here's her newest stats:

Head circumference: 16 inches.
Length: 26.5 inches.
Weight: 14 lbs, 8 oz.

Bigger than last time, but still a Very Tiny Baby. Very tiny. lol. She's on the chart for her head circ and length, but nowhere close to the chart for weight. She only was due for one shot today and didn't mind that, but then she was also due for some bloodwork (standard tests for iron and lead), and they took it out of her vein. Poor baby did NOT have fun with that at all. They had the needle in her skin and it took them about 3 tries before they were able to get it into her vein. Afterwards, they put a pressure bandage on her:

... and the bandaid was really sad for her when we were leaving. See, they took the blood out of her left arm, and her left thumb is the one she likes to suck. She tried to get her thumb to her mouth but couldn't do it right away because of the big bandaid on her elbow that was in the way. She did figure it out on the drive home, though, and is taking a nap now. I'd probably be sleeping too after all that.

Besides that drama, though, she has a clean bill of health and is a normal baby. She had an ear infection last time and that's cleared up, as well as her diaper rash. She supports her weight well on her legs (but doesn't have very good balance yet). Her dr told me to start "brushing" her little teeth with a washcloth so I'm going to start doing that. The solids regime (one day of "jarred" solids and one day of self-feeding) is fine and she's not having constipation from it or anything.

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