Sunday, October 7, 2007

standing up

Last night, hubby was in the living room watching TV, and Lydia was in her playyard there also. I was in the dining room sewing. All of a sudden, hubby says that Lydia has pulled herself up all the way to her feet! I asked if she was still standing there and he said yes, so I went to take a peek. So cute. She was so pleased with herself, too. And ever since she started pulling to knees, I've been using Puffs to "encourage" her to learn how to get back down, so hopefully we won't have any of those late-night "Mooooooom, I'm standing up now but can't get back doooooown" cries. Here's a picture of her standing up on her changing table, leaning on the wall... doesn't she look like she's about to be frisked? lol

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