Sunday, October 21, 2007

the next "big" thing in solid foods

Tonight, for dinner, hubby and I were eating one of those rotisserie chickens you can get from the grocery store deli. I had a few pieces of breast meat and was also feeding Lydia a few strings of it. Then I decided to tease her a bit and pretend that I was going to give her a BIG bite. I put a whole "slab" of chicken on my fork and offered it to her, and sure enough she opened her mouth. I even let her taste it before I took it away. Then I repeated this a couple of times, but on the last time, she managed to actually take a bite! I took away my fork and there was a big hunk gone from my slab. This was surprising to me because she still only has 2 teeth. Hubby and I watched her closely to make sure she wouldn't choke. She chewed that chicken and swallowed it like she had been eating solids like that her whole life. I was surprised that she did that without any teeth. I mean I'd heard that you could mash food w/ just gums but it was neat to really see it in action. My little girl is getting big so fast.

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Belinda said...

They definitely don't need a lot of teeth to be able to chew - it's definitely a myth!

My nephew who recently turned 2, has less teeth (and the ones he DOES have are smaller in length) than Darcy, who has 10 fully grown teeth (2 double teeth now!) at 10 mths! My nephew has managed just fine. I guess when you're hungry you do what you gotta do huh?

They DO grow so fast- Darcy feeds himself his bottle now and only ever eats what we eat (usually feeding it to himself). Scary how fast that first year goes!!!