Saturday, September 10, 2005

i'm going to be a diva

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a Diva Cup. Then my cycle went all screwy so I forgot all about it until it came in the mail yesterday. I am excited. I went ahead and got the larger size since I'm pretty close to 30 already and since we are going to try to get pregnant early next year. I gave it a "dry run" last night and was able to put it in and take it out pretty easily. Now all I need is a period. LOL. Hopefully that will happen soon. I actually did have the teeniest bit of eggwhite cervical fluid today so maybe my cycle will be moving on soon.

But back to the Diva Cup. One of my coworkers might get one too. Here is the story:

Little background first - I have two girl coworkers. C is a bit wild. By her own admission, she started having sex her first year in high school, has never NOT had a boyfriend (until very recently), smokes a lot, etc. M on the other hand is more like me - very quiet, moral, reads her Bible every day, waiting for marriage before having sex, etc. So there's the background.

A couple of weeks ago when I first heard about the Diva Cup, I was telling C about it and how I was thinking of getting one. She looked at me kindof skeptically and said that I'd have to tell her how it works out for me. I didn't tell M about it.

Then today, all 3 of us are in the office today. M came in an hour later than C and I did, (hey.. M C I. get it? MCI. Ok n/m lol) so I told C, "Hey, remember that Diva Cup I was telling you about?" She did, so I told her I got one and I showed it to her. Her jaw about hit the floor. I showed her how you fold it in half and half again and how it "pops" open once it's inside and told her that you just empty it out every so often. Her jaw was still on the floor. LOL. She said later that I embarrassed her (not in a bad way) and that was a hard thing to do. I said that I was going to tell M about it too and she said I shouldn't b/c M would probably REALLY get embarrassed.

So a bit later, M and I are there alone and C is running errands. I ask her if "period stuff" is embarrasing for her to talk about and she says no, and I'm sure she is wondering why I asked, LOL. So I tell her, "Well, I was online, and on one of my message boards about fertility monitoring, the girls were talking about a cup that you wear inside to hold your flow" but I didnt' get much further. She interrupted me and said, "Yeah I know. I've used one." ROFL. Now it was my turn to be shocked. Turns out that she had used Instead, because she had started her cycle while away, and went with a friend to the store and the store they went to only sold Instead. No pads, no tampons. Once I figured out that she had used Instead, I brought out the Diva cup again (She thought the little drawstring bag was cute LOL) and showed her how it worked, told her it was reusable, made of silicon instead of latex, etc. She was VERY interested.

Then, still later, when all 3 of us were back in the office, C had an idea. Our former boss lives in Ohio now, and C and him had become fairly good friends (they have crushes on each other too but that's another story). C and him talk on the phone pretty regularly, and C also has just moved. She might pull an embarrasing trick on him - by calling him tonight and saying that since her computer isn't hooked up yet, could he go to and tell her how much it costs? ROFL I feel a little sorry for the guy.

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