Thursday, September 15, 2005

delay of babies again

The good news is that I finally ovulated on cycle day 34, on Sunday. Everything seemed to line up. Now if I can just do it next month, and the month after that, and the month after that, etc.

But the bad news is that Tim and I were looking at the budget last night, and somehow when I calculated out the time when I could stay home and Tim's salary alone could support us, I missed something. I thought that he alone could support us if all the credit cards were paid off, but we still had the car payment for another couple of months. But that is just not so. :( We are still a little bit short. So we had to push back our TTC date to April. (Possibly March, but more than likely April). Most of the credit cards can be paid off by September, if I do the extra payments on the months that we get 3 checks. Then if I'm still working in the month following that, the car can pretty much be paid off the very next month. So it's still "possible" that we could start trying earlier in the year, but I won't know anything until RIGHT THEN since I have a few more months of payments this year to show me where we're really going to be at with regard to paying off the cards. Plus we have to save for a midwife fee, too.

Speaking of saving, I think that I've decided on the Whirlpool Calypso washer/dryer instead of the Duet. They are still "energy star" but are more in our price range. We should be able to get them in early November. We may have to order them and wait for delivery, but I'm excited. :)

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